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#TBT VIDEO: There Really Was Once A Show Called "Bowling For Dollars!"

It could never happen today.

There’s too much money involved for one thing.  Local television stations realized long ago the benefits of filling their non-network schedules with syndicated programming like… 465 more words


How to prepare?

A box of tissues or bottle of champagne???  Off we go to the tax man to see if we win or lose.  Fingers crossed!


Three words.....

Full Metal Jousting.

What a great concept for a show.  I loved it.  Sweaty men in full body armor getting knocked off horses with sticks.   229 more words

Daily Life

Smoked Oysters

We’re in Los Angeles on home leave, and my mother and two of my many aunts are perched on my grandmother’s sofa in a prelude to an evening out with my father and uncles. 399 more words

Trolling Down to Old Mah Wee

I finished Trolling Down to Old Mah Wee some time ago.

Then we’ve been in the midst of the move for sometime as well. It has been hard to do things, like write. 1,779 more words


Fox Dumps Joan Rivers After Snarky Palin Insult

Fox & Friends has dropped Joan Rivers from a guest appearance, after Rivers said she “partially” blamed Sarah Palin for the Tucson massacre, or so the comedienne claims. 317 more words

Sarah Palin

Dumbniks? Krugman, Schieffer Join Dupnik in Condemning the Right for Shootings

Joining the thrall of irresponsible liberals to go after conservative talk radio and television, in the wake of the Arizona massacre over the weekend, are… 284 more words

Disappearing Ink