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May 16-17: Movies and Bowling

It’s always nice to have a laid back, relaxing long weekend! While I do enjoy getting away, sometimes it’s nice to have a mini “staycation” when you’ve got an extra day to relax. 340 more words


Bowling: We do it better

Now, I don’t mean that I am actually a great bowler. I kind of really stink, or am at best a fair player. But regulation bowling, even black light bowling, is not as much fun as candle pin bowling. 232 more words


Oh, balls

It takes all kinds at Bowling Green in Cicero, N.Y.

I came prepared to capture the colorful spectrum of bowling balls that roll these days at my Thursday night league just to the north of Syracuse. 669 more words


Frame Theory

“If you take bowling shoes out of the alley, are they just shoes..?“


“Like, if you apply Goffman’s Frame Theory(1) to – -“

 *sigh* “Why do we let the theory students work in the studio?” 51 more words


Your PSL fee now doesn't include bowling shoes, or it does again.....for now

In my line of work, I notice how the poor economy influences food prices. 

For example, a 16 ounce bag of Fritos is now maybe 13.5 ounces, and the kicker is the bag still costs $4.29. 463 more words

Reflection of Day 204: July 23, 2014

BONDING TIME = BOWLING TIME!! Even though it was only the four of us, myself included, it was a lot of fun because we were so supportive of one another… the first round was pretty much a fail but the second round was a lot better. 18 more words