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The Fish #2.6

Appendix B

Best Practices

A.1: Social Interactions

I. Quarters

The Razorfish contains somewhat cramped berthing for 22 crew members, four guests, and three officers. Well I have good news and I have bad news, boys and girls: The good news is, there’s only fourteen of you, zero guests, and three officers! 491 more words


Mark Cignarale's Game Of 2015 - Super Mario Maker

While there have been a myriad of fantastic games that have come out this year, I had to contemplate between things such as a great story, excellent gameplay or something that was completely innovative. 571 more words

Bit Trauma

Super Mario Sunshine 4-Koma Manga Kingdom Review

So, apparently Nintendo has a Manga Kingdom lineup (Or had) where various Nintendo games would get some little 4 koma anthologies. It’s a neat concept. I don’t care for 4-Koma all that much and it’s basically the equivalent of stop motion for TV shows, but it can be entertaining if handled right. 537 more words


The Fish Meta: Bowser

I was taught in undergrad that every writer will at some point write from the perspective of a dog. Hemingway did it, and Neal Stephenson, to name a couple favorites. 42 more words


Bowser vs. Kirby!

I earned a free play today on Nintendo Badge Arcade, so I choose a machine with Kirby characters in it. I got a Kirby (yay) so I put him on the home screen of my Nintendo 3DS. 74 more words


Nintendo Skylanders Amiibo Are Getting Rereleased Jan. 9

As I have discussed before, I don’t try to cover every piece of Amiibo news that comes out, but since this news item took me by surprise and poses an interesting question for Amiibo collectors, I thought it was worth discussing. 303 more words