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Gaming De-Classified: Wouldn't it be crazy if...

Greetings and hello my fascinating Novas! I was getting ready to write up a blog post when the best idea popped into my head out of nowhere! 1,392 more words

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Jakks Pacific Teases New Iggy Koopa Figure on Reddit!

If you’re anything like me, you’re hotly anticipating new World of Nintendo figures and especially the new characters coming out like the Koopalings. Today, an employee of Jakks Pacific, Reddit user BlueShellBourgeoisie… 200 more words

World Of Nintendo

Super Mario Exorcism!

So E3 has now come and gone. But one thing has left me bugged – Super Mario Odyssey. From what we’ve seen Mario, using a weird sentient cap called Cappy, has the ability to enter another being’s body and control them. 255 more words


Super Mario Odyssey - E3 2017 Trailer

The absolutely stunning new trailer for Super Mario Odyssey has dropped and contains massive news. First and foremost is that Mario can use his hat companion Cappy to possess various beings within the world. 68 more words

Super Mario Character Cars: BOWSER

Whether you love them, hate them, or fall somewhere in-between, the Hot Wheels #Character Cars are here to stay. When these first hit the pegs a couple years ago, traditional collectors were enraged that Hot Wheels would even do such a thing. 693 more words


Expensive World of Nintendo Figures - 2017 Edition

World of Nintendo figures can be a pain to find and whenever it is hard to find something, that means the price can go up.  There are a few figures in particular that are really hard to find and have become valuable.   893 more words


The Little Things That Make Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga So Delightful

(Source: kotaku.com)

Image via Nintendo

For a few hours one morning, I repeatedly failed to defeat Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga’s final boss, Cackletta. I remember that unseasonably warm February day clearly. 934 more words