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Super Mario Bros. 3

Genre: Platform

Publisher: Nintendo

Total time played: 2 Hours

Short review: If you are reading this blog there is no way that you aren’t familiar with this game already.   783 more words


Soooo… I’m going to be late with today’s post again.  It’ll be up either late tonight or on Friday.  I have a half-written post waiting in my drafts, but my parents are visiting tomorrow and I’ve been rushing to do all of the spring cleaning that I have pushed off until now. 368 more words


Mandate Radio: Ep. 86 (5/27/2015)


Mandate Radio: Ep. 86 (5/27/2015)

Happy Wednesday Everyone! and welcome back to Mandate Radio! Today’s episode focuses on some fantastic games and hardly anything sad at all. 52 more words


The Last Cliffhanger in the Series

May 27, 2015:  Barry Cauchon

I was always a big fan of radio plays, TV and movie serials where the end of each show left you with a cliffhanger.  107 more words


Nintendo of America Hires Bowser as New VP of Sales

Nintendo of America has hired a new Vice President of Sales to lead their US sales organization. Conveniently, their new VP of Sales has a name that will make him fit right in with the Nintendo crowd—Doug Bowser. 303 more words


Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review

Super Mario Galaxy 2 – more so than any video game I’ve played – loves video games. It loves video games in their purest form, putting gameplay and invention above all else, and polishing it all to the greatest of extents.  1,635 more words

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Nintendo Just Hired a Dude Named Bowser as VP of Sales

Hide the Princess Mario! Bowser is back and he was just hired as Vice President of Sales for Nintendo of America. Was anyone at HR not paying attention to this guy’s resume? 146 more words