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Fabulous Villains

Everyone always gushes about the heroes of the games, but what about the villains? Have their been any recent villains or minions that really made an impression (good or bad) on you? 479 more words

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Taking on Bowser's Castle

If you thought Super Mario World was good, prepare to have that opinion largely unchanged.

Welcome Families, To Beautiful Oceanside!

Moving to a new location can sure disrupt your life! For any family this can be a time of chaos. There is the adventure of newness but also a maddening confusion. 329 more words

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Paper Mario: Color Splash Review

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars began the concept of transforming the world of Super Mario into an RPG series. Though Super Mario RPG never got a proper sequel, its legacy was continued by two series: the handheld Mario & Luigi titles, and Paper Mario. 1,732 more words

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Players Have Spent Years Trying To Get Peach To Save Herself In Paper Mario

(Source: kotaku.com)

In 2001’s Paper Mario, our favorite hero in blue overalls saves the day, just like he always does. Peach helps, but in the end, it’s Mario who defeats Bowser. 706 more words


Smasher Who Forgot to Change Controls Expects Other Players to Forgive Him Just Like That

In a shameless attempt to persuade competitors to excuse his incompetent mistake, local Smash Bros. player Devin “EJ” Caffarel, who forgot to change his controls before starting a tournament match the previous weekend against… 171 more words

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Mario Kart Arcade GP DX Review

Mario Kart as been one of Nintendo’s most successful and beloved franchises. Every major platform since the SNES has seen the release of a new Mario Kart title, and in more recent years, Nintendo has teamed with Namco Bandai Games to produce a series of Mario Kart titles for arcades. 592 more words

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