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Episode 1: Giraffe Speed

Hey everybody, I’d like to introduce you to Childish Games podcast with episode 2!

Episode 2? Well, yes. Episode 1 had some great material, but some terrible audio. 45 more words


Bite Size Ideas: Princess Daisy Game

A Castle-building or tower defense game where you play as Daisy, running around, setting up lava pits, piranha plants, chain chomps, bullet bills and various mushroom/onion kingdom threats to stop incoming koopas, koopalings, and finally Bowser. 68 more words


#Mario #SuperMario #Bowser #supermariobros #bowsercastle #plumber #cosasquedicen #stuffpeoplesay #Ruyf

#Mario #SuperMario #Bowser #supermariobros #bowsercastle #plumber #cosasquedicen #stuffpeoplesay #Ruyf

New Amiibo Bundles Coming!

Nintendowire.com has spotted some interesting Amiibo news.  It looks like Nintendo is releasing several new Amiibo and video game bundles for those who missed out or want to purchase both cheaply.   159 more words


Self Aware Iggy

If you thought the Luigi Death Stare was scary, wait till you see this 4th wall breaking psychopath.

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Bowser Costume: Part 1

This next year, my school’s homecoming theme is Fantasy world, with the senior class getting to have Mario. My favorite day of homecoming week is when we get to dress up as our class theme. 717 more words