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Smasher Who Forgot to Change Controls Expects Other Players to Forgive Him Just Like That

In a shameless attempt to persuade competitors to excuse his incompetent mistake, local Smash Bros. player Devin “EJ” Caffarel, who forgot to change his controls before starting a tournament match the previous weekend against… 171 more words

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Mario Kart Arcade GP DX Review

Mario Kart as been one of Nintendo’s most successful and beloved franchises. Every major platform since the SNES has seen the release of a new Mario Kart title, and in more recent years, Nintendo has teamed with Namco Bandai Games to produce a series of Mario Kart titles for arcades. 592 more words

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Bowser Concept Art Cross Stitch

Bowser Concept Art Cross Stitch

Title: Bowser Concept Art
Date Completed: October 2016
Design: Lord Libidan
Count: 14
Video Game: Super Mario Bros
I really haven’t made much from the Mario series, despite its popularity, and I thought that was really due for a change when I came across this original… 14 more words

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Fresh off the 30th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention in Los Angeles, we take a look at one of the many Hot Wheels cars that I actually picked up at the show. 373 more words


Episode 1: Giraffe Speed

Hey everybody, I’d like to introduce you to Childish Games podcast with episode 2!

Episode 2? Well, yes. Episode 1 had some great material, but some terrible audio. 45 more words


Bite Size Ideas: Princess Daisy Game

A Castle-building or tower defense game where you play as Daisy, running around, setting up lava pits, piranha plants, chain chomps, bullet bills and various mushroom/onion kingdom threats to stop incoming koopas, koopalings, and finally Bowser. 68 more words