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Queue Jumping Review: I’m No Longer British

The final part of my journey to work consists of getting the Waterloo & City line from Bank and arriving in, well, Waterloo. From there it’s a 5/10 minute walk to my office. 884 more words

Being British

Mario Kart: Super Circuit Review

Though every Nintendo console and handheld since the SNES has had its own iteration of Mario Kart, the Game Boy Advance’s Mario Kart: Super Circuit is the only entry that plays like a direct sequel to the SNES’ Super Mario Kart. 630 more words

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Installing and using Protractor for AngularJS application in Visual Studio

GitHub Repository:  GitHub Link

Protractor is an end-to-end test framework for AngularJS applications. Protractor runs tests against your application running in a real browser, interacting with it as a user would.Integrating Protractor for AngualrJS application in Visual Studio needs some configuration, Follow below steps to integrate it in your project. 812 more words


Super Mario Maker Diaries Entry 2 - Mountain Top Valley

Welcome back to another entry of Super Mario Maker. As some of you are aware, I was the designer of Mountain Top Valley (Ground). In this entry, we will be talking about the importance of giving players different choices on how to tackle situations as well as rewarding players that decide to aggressively challenge themselves and be rewarded for choosing the more difficult path. 915 more words


234 - Bowser (Inktober 16)

… And he’d like to take you for a ride in his tiny muscle car.

Inktober #16

You can see all my inktober pieces together on… 11 more words

1000 Drawings

Mario Party can make and breaks relationships!

For a fair amount of time I have been interested in playing Mario Party 8, I heard it was one of the better Mario Party’s  1,096 more words

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