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The Morelli Bros. (Chapter II, Part IV)

Deep within the bowels of the fort, where the shadows were cast by molten rivers, and only the most fearsome guardians awaited, was imprisoned a young lady of royal importance.   685 more words


Super Mario Run review

I’m sure like many gamers of my generation, stomping on Goombas and Koopa Troopas with Mario was the first video game experience we had. Over 30 years later, Mario’s moves and looks may have been consistently upgraded, but the simple joy of jumping on an enemy’s head and running for the flagpole goal remains ever satisfying no matter the system. 1,605 more words


Nintendo Switch Parental Control is the best!

“Hear me! I will kidnap Peach OVER and OVER until I pull it off! And no one can stop me! Losing is not an option! And neither is giving up!” 258 more words


Unanswered Super Mario Questions

Mario’s search and rescue of Princess Peach, formerly Princess Toadstool before she entered the Mushroom Kingdom’s witness protection that didn’t work, has been going on for multiple decades. 1,152 more words


Bowser Shows How To Handle Parental Controls On Nintendo Switch

Nintendo have released a cute video of Bowser demonstrating how to use the Nintendo Switch’s parental controls app for smart devices. The app allows parents to control how long their children play their games, and Bowser shows it off rather adorably with his son Jr.

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