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Bugging Out

The cooler temps are driving everything indoors, including box elder bugs, or at least they are trying. They are looking for a warm place to hide for the winter and home is ideal. 18 more words

Getting Ready for Box Elder Bugs

With winter quickly approaching, so are the threats of box elder bugs. These reddish brown pests disguise them in the bark of their namesake tree. As the leaves begin to fall, box elder bugs look for cozier places to live during the winter, often in your home. 32 more words

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Ladybird (bug) Beetle?

Behaving much like ladybugs exiting the ground around the post that holds our rain gauge at the corrals in Greasy last Saturday, I am assuming they are one of 5,000 species of Ladybird Beetles I wasn’t able to identify. 29 more words


Warm weekend launches invasion of the lady beetles

Not only was the weekend filled with abundant sunshine and warm temperatures, for many homeowners in Minnesota and neighboring areas it was also filled with the sight of swarming Asian lady beetles. 508 more words


Box Elder Bugs

I’ve never seen these things before but apparently they are box elder bug nymphs. Often times people incorrectly refer to an insect as a bug but in this case they truly are classified as bugs. 9 more words


Though Difficult, it is Possible to Kill Boxelder Bugs, By Bill Holm

Love this poem.

Though Difficult, it is Possible to Kill

Boxelder Bugs.  If You are Interested,

You Might try This Method

Take two bricks.

Creep deliberately up… 126 more words


Box the Bugs Away with Trained Exterminators

The frigid temperatures of the outdoors will attract box elder bugs into the comforting warmth of your home. Even if these bugs aren’t dangerous to the health of the family, they can still do damage on your property. 193 more words