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A Tricky Tourist Trap

Yesterday, I mentioned that I expect other languages to have an increasing influence on English due to the fact that there are more non-native speakers… 14 more words


It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

It’s Back To School Time and you know what that means… Tons of tears, globs of used tissues tightly clenched in palms and lots and lots of legs dragging unwilling bodies from their cars. 284 more words

Go To The Light...No, Wait, DON'T!!

I don’t know…am I the only one who is a little worried that I won’t be able to trust myself to NOT look at the much-anticipated solar eclipse? 393 more words

Chile: Weekend Adventures - Part 3

Hi everyone! I am officially finished with the program and have already started my post-program travels.  Hoch arrived last Friday and we’ve been exploring the south of Chile together! 1,111 more words


"A Box of Your Finest Wine, Please..."

Yes. You read that correctly.



And we’re gonna unpack it. (See what I did there? ::chuckles::)

When you think of box wine, depending on your age, chances are you think of a cheap, cranberry juice-esque beverage mixed with what tastes like rubbing alcohol and sugar. 449 more words


Once A Hawkeye...

So, my baby graduated from college, marking the end of a parenting era for us. Four up, four down. Four Hawkeyes. When I tell people that all of our kids attended the University of Iowa, they naturally wonder if my husband and I had also attended. 725 more words

Thursday Thoughts #4 - Wine by the Bottle

I came across a blog the other day and I don’t remember at all what the purpose of the post was but I do remember that the author mentioned she typically goes through a bottle of red and a bottle of wine a month… A singular bottle of each? 156 more words

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