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"Box of Wine", A Review of Trader Joe's Block Shiraz Wine in a Box

A co-worker of mine has an interesting, daily tradition. Much like the way some people might the start the day with a greeting such as “Top of the morning”, Eric ends each day with a unique parting phrase. 624 more words


I Feel Like A Woman...Well, Sort Of...

I wrote this post three years ago after sending my youngest off to college. She is now entering her senior year and managed somehow to thrive without mom hovering over her. 883 more words

What's on tap this weekend? How about wine!

Having a crowd over this holiday weekend? Go big – with wines in super-sized packaging, so you can select a few wines you know your guests will love – and relax. 317 more words


Mission Ridge: Premium Red Wine

One thing that you cannot do when you’re alone on an island, is to wander into the local liquor store on a Friday afternoon and pick up a six-pack of beer. 271 more words


Confessions Of A Seventh Grade Nothing

I was recently asked what job I dreamed about having as a kid and, at first, wasn’t really sure how to answer because I don’t ever remember dreaming about being a particular “thing.” But as I thought more about it, I guess I could say I thought about being a teacher. 577 more words

Yes.....I had been drinking

Seriously autocorrect autocorrected me four times before I could even post last night so I gave up and passed out.

Apparently, I delayed posting and saved it as a draft. 225 more words

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Ode to the great black box of wine

So if you haven’t heard Black box wine is a award winning box wine. 50 gold medals, 29 wine enthusiasts best buy awards. Definitely an enabler for shenanigans. 139 more words

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