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Never Say Never...Or How I Came To Celebrate my Daughter's Birthday

“Your next one will be a girl.” I laughed and said, “I’m not brave enough to take that chance!” After all, that prediction was uttered by a superstitious woman from the old country, after studying the swirl of hair on my infant son’s head. 853 more words

B-A-T-A-W-A-GA-MA...My Devious Plan Gone Awry...

I have recently become aware of deeply buried memories. Memories that I thought I had successfully erased from my brain. But, the same brain that cannot remember where my glasses were set down minutes before managed to dredge up recollections from many years ago. 1,519 more words

Der Familieneinspruch (The Intervention)

If this seems like a private, family joke to you, well, it is. I hope you still find it funny. Many thanks to the wonderful Juliane (here known as Ilsa) who helped me with the German, and is also a swell human being. 54 more words


Trader Joe's Shiraz Block Red Wine Review

Ok, so two kids at home, meals to cook, laundry to wash and dirty butts to wipe. I need a glass of wine some nights! I am not a big fan of the two buck chuck (or $3.25 chuck here in New England), and I like the flexibility of having just one glass with dinner and not worrying about the wine spoiling. 124 more words

How To Get Stinkin' Rich By Being Really, Really Stupid...

The Stella Awards have come and gone and I’ll bet you didn’t even know it. Okay, I didn’t know about it either. Turns out, the Stella Awards recognize the marriage between supreme stupidity and our judicial system. 972 more words

For the Birds

Sermon for 14 June 15

Mark 4:26-34; Psalm 92:1-4,12-15; Ezekiel 17:22-24

Jesus is using horticultural imagery, but if you’re thinking you need to dig out a botany textbook, you’ll miss his punchline that this is all for the birds. 1,124 more words

Ten things only people living in micro apartments say

In honor of us staying up to watch David Letterman’s final show, here is a list of ten things. Ten Things one hears at the Fun Apartment: 216 more words