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Once A Hawkeye...

So, my baby graduated from college, marking the end of a parenting era for us. Four up, four down. Four Hawkeyes. When I tell people that all of our kids attended the University of Iowa, they naturally wonder if my husband and I had also attended. 725 more words

Thursday Thoughts #4 - Wine by the Bottle

I came across a blog the other day and I don’t remember at all what the purpose of the post was but I do remember that the author mentioned she typically goes through a bottle of red and a bottle of wine a month… A singular bottle of each? 156 more words

Things I'm Obsessed With

Bota Box: Nighthawk Black

Nighthawk Black

Producer: Bota Box
Location: California
Type: Wine, red, fairly light and without much of a tannin bite
ABV: 13.5%

Mentioned in my previous post… 224 more words


Things I Hate…And a Few Things I Love

Well folks, today’s your lucky day. Today I answer the question which I know has been nagging at you. That’s right. I’m going to share with you some of the things I hate and a few of the things I love. 298 more words

And Another Thing...

My most recent podcast episode featured a rant about the things that drive me crazy on Facebook. Maybe they annoy you as well. But somehow, I failed to include the biggest thing that was currently grinding my gears at the time and was the inspiration for the episode to begin with. 570 more words

Five Reasons I Secretly Love Boxed Wine

My Italian father-in-law, Pier Luigi, tells great tales of his father Massimo, mocking him for buying 750 ml bottles. Waste of money!

Nonno Massimo would go to his local Piedmontese producer and fill a damigiana. 1,059 more words


People, Let Me Tell You Bout my Best Friend...Or How I Unwittingly Became An Uber Before That Was A Thing

Do you remember the day you met your best friend? I do and quite honestly, if I had known her as a kid, I probably wouldn’t have liked her, and I’m quite certain I would never have been allowed into her circle of cool friends, of which she was the undisputed reigning queen. 568 more words