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Beatles Boxed Set of Four Pens

Beatles Boxed Set of Four Pens

The set includes interchangeable front sections: chrome, black rubber or knurled. The pens also display facsimile signatures of the John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. 13 more words

Crafting the Playskool Heroes Millennium Falcon

One of my favorite playset/vehicles is the Star Wars Millennium Falcon.  I have memories of looking at the Kenner Millennium Falcon in toy catalogues and watching the TV ads.  53 more words


A pharmacy says it's charging a 7% "man tax" to close the gender gap

Being a woman can be expensive. Not only do ladies earn just 79% of what their male counterparts do, they also pay the “pink tax”—the extra cost tacked onto “women’s” products in everything from personal care to car maintenance. 389 more words

Weekly Pick-Ups: Week 55!

Last week I bought two consoles and this week I added a handheld to my collection.

Gameboy Advance

I had an original Gameboy laying around but the screen didn’t work properly  so I had no way of playing my Gameboy games. 193 more words


Boxed wholesale

If you haven’t heard of it I would encourage you to check it out. As a mother of 4 I love a good deal but I also love being able to buy big boxes of things. 175 more words

I'm into this saving money with phone apps thing. Seriosly. Cha-ching.

I really dislike those blog posts where someone wants to sell you something. The ones you suspect that they only “love” this product or that becuase they are getting a paycheck or free crap to do it. 958 more words

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