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ik 90 for April 2015 wp

ik 90
for April 2015

some valued treasures
have meaning to family
write down their stories

how quickly we forget that
which is boxed away, show them… 98 more words


My Comfort Zone is Very Limiting

I have this problem.  First I hate when I have a plan for a particular day and it gets changed.  Second I will sulk if I am forced to get out of my comfort zone.   550 more words

Personal Story

Rage I Found In English Class One Day

I feel as though maybe, quite possibly, we have lost sight of the simplicity we are overall completely entitled to. When I read a book or play the piano I don’t try and feel was the composer or author was feeling, and I will want to hit you when ask me to try and depict their mind- their sanctuary of thought where all these ideas or music genius came from. 113 more words