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Quần lót - Những điều bạn cần biết

Khái niệm về quần lót dành riêng cho nam giới bắt đầu hình thành từ những năm 30 của thế kỉ trước, khi những chiếc quần lót dạng briefs (hình tam giác hay chữ Y) đầu tiền được bán tại Chicago, Mỹ. 1,268 more words


Be Fearless And Comfortable, THE EIGHTH

THE EIGHTH made its debut last year during NYFWM with a Lucha Libre themed party at Church Street Boxing Gym. When I first got the invite, I didn’t even know it was for a new underwear label. 252 more words


Fall break underwear polls!

This upcoming week is my fall break, so that mean’s a week of no work, and a week of fun undies! I enjoy during these times to let my blog readers and twitter followers to help me decide which of among my 80+pairs to wear. 33 more words

Mens Underwear

Underwear and Ideas

The life of underwear is interesting. It begins with elastic that is comfortable and useful. But over time, the elastic relaxes. The underwear still works pretty well, still looks pretty good, and you are reluctant to replace it. 60 more words


Beyond the Comfort: Underwear for Men

photo credit: Instagram #TommyJohn

There’s nothing sexier when I’m preparing dinner and my eye-candy comes walking into the kitchen with briefs that show off his package and a clean crisp undershirt. 291 more words

Product Reviews


Until very recently, men and women who bought undergarments for their partners favoured briefs, often black, and without any pattern. However, times are changing and men are getting more and more involved in the choice of their… 234 more words

Non Classé

Man Clues--The Non-Verbal Cues of Undies!

They say clothes make the man. To a degree they are right. Based on what a man wears he can be labeled a professional, Classic Man… 622 more words

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