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Socks and jocks

My husband’s old pyjama shorts were wearing so thin that the elastic was showing through the waistband. It was time for new ones.

Each pair of shorts only needs 1.2 metres of fabric and a length of elastic, and I made both in one evening, so they are great home-made gifts. 409 more words


Boxer Short's Insufficient Funds

All this time I was still seeing a guy from college who once took abandoned boxer shorts from a locker room.

He was unnecessarily frugal and made me pay for everything.  312 more words


Things guys do only when they’re going on a date

I grew up watching Jessica Fletcher solving mysteries. She would always just happen to be somewhere when a murder took place, and just happen to speak to the right people, and just happen to notice the details which would lead to the killer admitting their guilt and blaming it all on those meddling kids (or something like that). 580 more words

General Ramblings

The only solution to beat the heat with Zobello Edit

Going out on a sunny day? You’ve decided with the t-shirts to beat the heat but confused what could be the right choice of bottomwear? Here, at Zobello you can find the solution to your problem through its extensive variety for top and bottomwear for summers. 469 more words

Men Fashion

When Bigots Can't Even Bigot Correctly

Well, I’m still here, and (touch wood), things seem pretty decent on the whole. But the other day, on my way into work, I had some hassle on public transport from a group of young men who were throwing lesbophobic slurs at me. 621 more words


New Season Boxer Shorts

Spring has well and truly sprung. The days are getting longer and warmer, and the nights are getting hotter. Luckily for you, here at Papinelle we have just the thing to cool you down on those long Summer nights. 139 more words