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Boxers are icon of comfort and luxury. Every time you choose to wear a boxer shorts, it is time to relax and unwind. Summer is the right time you update your wardrobe with casual boxer shorts. 151 more words

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Sew My Stash Sunday - 7

Here we are back at Sunday evening again so it is time to share what sewing I have done this week.

Firstly, this is what I have finished. 318 more words


Boxers? Or Legal Briefs?

Two felonious asshats wore something else on their heads during a robbery.

Oregon State Police say two men have been arrested in a southern Oregon convenience store robbery in which the robbers’ “hoods” were actually boxer brief-style underwear in a camouflage pattern.

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Birthday Boxers

February is a big month in our house for birthdays. It’s a short month but, we have 5 birthdays. Actually the birthday parade begins on the 24th of January and rolls right on through the 22nd of February so, that is 6 birthdays in about 4 weeks. 261 more words


Stars Upon Thars

So, I’ve been making more underwear. I’m aware I’m in danger of appearing like some kind of hardcore off grid sewing freak, but hey. I have no intentions of making all our underwear, I just don’t like to waste pieces of fabric bigger than my hand I guess, and when the fabric in question is knitted, there’s not a lot of uses I can put it to. 727 more words

When There is 2015, There is...

As Y2014 rolled to its end, some of us took accounts of our glories, misses and near-misses. For every person, including all the guys here at Nakedster, there were reasons to smile. 293 more words

Free Gift: How to Create Your Future

We have demonstrated our desire to add value to every man’s life. Yes, Nakedster CREAM Men’s Boxer Shorts has launched and you know it. We’ve talked about self-esteem and self-reliance. 189 more words