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Historical fighters corner of Hank Henry Armstrong: Monzon

Although the legend of Monzon is not old and his fighting days spanned the mid sixties to the late seventies , unlike his north American sport’s brothers , there is a shortage of high quality documentation of his fantastic career , still – from the films left it’s clear why Monzon was one of the greatest fighters who have ever lived , some claim he is the best middle weight ever – I lean toward that argument but it’s not easy when I am aware of the exploits of : Marvin Hagler , Sugar Ray Robinson and Harry Greb – yet , as a natural middle weight it’s hard to think about anyone else who was as dominant as that Argentinean. 413 more words

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Historical fighters corner of Hank Henry Armstrong

There is a tremendous thing our times gave us…

The opportunity to watch and observe – the fight films of almost any era that came after the invention of the moving pictures are available , YouTube opened the doors which were kept only for the most experts back at the day , the stories about Mike Tyson and Cus D’amato staying every night to watch fight films in the courtesy of Jim Jacobs , watching anything from the days of Jack Johnson and Dempsey to Marciano and Ali , that kind of education is priceless , that kind of education made the early Tyson the man he was , a machine of destruction who wanted to thrust like Dempsey and Hit like Rocky , his opponents were paying the price not only of his hours of heavy bag drills but the whole history that inspired him to do so – that kind of fight films watching is something we can afford today by the click of a button and in the speed of the wireless , one of the greatest heroes of the gloves era was Harry Greb , unlucky we – there is hardly any evidence of his greatness on the net beside some short clips of him training , most of his legend came by stories and of course his unbelievable record , if u bothered with checking BOXREC you’ll be amazed to discover he fought 299 bouts ! 455 more words

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Proper boxing. Correct training process

the correct training process: 1.stance 2. Movements 3. Punches 4. Defensive elements 5. Series of punches 6. Combination 7. Automated action 8. Sparring drills and bouts 9. 616 more words

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Boxing Tips and Thoughts

“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly.

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