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This "Jalaibee" certainly worth a try!

Brilliant camera work, reasonable script and performances along with slick production and Jalaibee is ready to be served. Written and directed by debutant director Yasir Jaswal, produced by Eman Syed Jailaibee is almost a perfect joy ride of 120 minutes where most of the time you wont get bored of the proceedings thank’s to the good chemistry shown by Billu, Bugga & Bunno played by Danish Taimoor, Ali Safina & Zhalay Sarhadi. 326 more words


Film Rumah Belanda , Coming soon!

Jakarta, 08 Maret 2014



Sejarah Belanda menjajah Indonesia sampai dengan saat ini masih diperdebatkan oleh para sejarahwan, apakah benar selama 350 tahun lamanya. 360 more words


BoxOffice Movies for your in Home Entertainment

BoxOffice Movies for your in Home Entertainment

We all love movies and there is no better way to spend a Friday night, chilling on the sofa with popcorn and snacks,, watching one of the latest blockbusters. 249 more words


Event ticketing issues

In a study of Tomlinson (1993), the ticket previously was sold as paper and people need to come to the box office to buy. The advance in technology since 1980s has a mayor impact on the method how an organisation sold their ticket.The exploration of the Internet has change the method customer awareness about events and also the form how customer purchase ticket. 654 more words

'Fifty Shades of Grey' finds love with record box office weekend

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — The weather may be cold, but this weekend’s box office was red hot thanks to “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Universal Pictures’ erotic thriller set records at the cinema this weekend, hauling in $81.6 million over three days. 196 more words


fifty shades of grey … good or bad PR?

After celebrating my 20th birthday on Friday I went to see the new film “Fifty Shades of Grey “. After the build up over the past few months all across social media platforms and literally everyone talking about it, I had very high expectations! 469 more words


Into the Woods. A Cinamatic Beauty.

Into the Woods is a movie musical adapted from the works of Stephen Sondheim and the Brothers Grimm fairy tales. It has been adapted by director Rob Marshall and Walt Disney Studios. 320 more words