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Hearkening back to a lost era . . . 

In honor of New Years, here’s a flashback to bygone times in music history. The 90s were the last era for ‘decent’ music–meaning, folks actually took the time to create songs. 62 more words

Reckless driving

Boy bands are the mayflies of pop music. More even than most in an ephemeral industry, time’s swift chariot presses close behind. Today, the object of the passionate love of a million teenage girls; tomorrow, the subject of universal derision. 307 more words


Do We Need Another Boy Band?

To start off, let’s first determine what a boy band is not. A boy band is not:

The Temptations (grown-ass men);

The Four Tops (ditto); 641 more words


Some Thoughts About Music and Gender

I was talking to my dad yesterday (well, yesterday as of writing this) and somehow we got on the subject of Fall Out Boy. He said he didn’t really know anything about them except that they were some sort of boy band. 708 more words

Classic Canadian Pop

My definition of pop music will always bring me to the 90s/early 2000s. The era of boy bands and girls bands, the rise of Britney… 886 more words

90s Music

Music Obsessions [November 2017]

Its November!!! Its kind of hard to really acknowledge how fast 2017 has gone by. Perhaps its being busy with all the projects and all the life stuff that just keeps bombarding us. 249 more words