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Teen’s Dance

Rules lost their values,

Not bothered on world’s agony,

Dance in teen’s infatuated heart.


Prison of Love

My body as a guitar,

While fingers are playing everywhere,

He enters inside me.


First Love

Genders unknown,

We mingled  as friends until,

Our love blossomed.


Waiting for My Valentina

Note: I wrote in my dream and penned on the phone on the way and posted from the office !

The foot path we left, 185 more words


Among the Stars

You stole my heart, baby!
Searching among the stars,your twinkling eyes,
Wearied eyes, I miss you.


Love Capsule

Time Capsule: a keepsake container of personal goods and information for future generation.

A keepsake container of you,

I placed you on my heart, memory

A time capsule of love.


The roads we crossed

A walk to remember
Lasting forever
For eternity
Near or Far
Love is everywhere you are
Never will fade
For true love last forever