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“Not a Word I Use Often”

“Not a Word I Use Often”

friend <noun> a person who knows and with whom has a bound of mutual affection…

When I reflect on how I view the word “friend”, or how often I use it, its minute. 339 more words


Valentine’s Day: See What A Horny Lover Did To His Girlfriend For Refusing Him S*x (Photo)

A lady who reportedly refused having s*x with her very horny lover is presently in pain after her boyfriend angrily attacked her and spilled her blood. 236 more words

Dj Syrax


love is not what it is

so long as there is a sense

lying bleeding white

along your presence,

sending signals out and in

a stranger who… 135 more words


Learned Today

Only girls can murder the friendship of a guy without biding adieu and prior notice.


She never lied until I met her

Never thought he will meet her on that eventide. She had worn that beautiful long white skirt outfit and the grey cap.
The waves washed her little finger with those ebbs and flows. 119 more words


Say Something...!

I was sitting in the office and working on my computer system, when my cellphone placed on my desk alerted me. This was the SMS alert tone I had reserved for my Roomie. 1,617 more words


Dingg Dongg !!!

He is now back to his old habits. Habit of cuddling with me, and embracing me all the time throughout the night. He has rather advanced a little more in his habits. 1,449 more words