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இரு மீன்கள் 

கடவுள் படைத்த விண்மீன்களில் ,

இரண்டை மட்டும் வைத்துவிட்டான்,

ஆயிரம் மைலுக்கும் அப்பால்,

சுட்டெரிக்கும் சுடர் ஒளியாய்,

ஒளிவீசும் உன் இருகண்கள்.




The births to come

I swear by the moon
In the sky
That my love for you
Is for a lifetime
But you went away with a smile
Leaving me alone without any guide… 69 more words


Dreaming our dreams

Dreaming our dreams
Small small dreams
We lament for it for life
In our sleep,we dream of our life.
Happiness for a moment
Peaceful heart for short time… 15 more words


First Crush (Part -4: Friendship Begins)

(Continued from  previous part… )

About Me:

I was also at par with her in terms of competition. Although it was a different kind of competition for me. 1,960 more words


The smile of a wife

Happiness fills
looking at his every smile
Watching him sleep
through out the night
Every movements of his
Fill my life with a smile
Waking up next to him… 12 more words


First Crush (Part -3)

(Continued from previous part …)

Okay ! Tell me now…  How old were you when you had your first sex?“, He interrogated. He opted for a direct question-answer approach when he noticed that his old style did not work. 1,546 more words


Every rose dies for a reason

Upon death of every rose,

Love blooms at the heart,thorns sing

A love anthem of eulogy.