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how far is too far?

my best friend fancies a guy (a black guy) as, her parents are indians they would never let her date, especially a non jacobite, black guy. 476 more words

Among the Stars

You stole my heart, baby!
Searching among the stars,your twinkling eyes,
Wearied eyes, I miss you.


V-day recap <3

Ah Valentine’s Day.  V-day is a funny and kinda lightweight contrived holiday.  All of the sudden, everyone decides they need to make some grand gesture(s) to show their exceptional love and affection for their special person.   991 more words

Life &amp; Style

How To Spot Ladies Desperately Looking For Boyfriends

We all know that NO lady would ever admit chasing a guy. They also chase dudes in a coded manner and pretend they don’t probably because they are naturally born pretenders. 523 more words


Side-chick Chronicles

Today is Monday. Valentine’s Day has come and gone. You’re upset because you’ve yet to receive a gift and if you do, you know it will be the reduced priced remnants of items that didn’t meet the mark for other shoppers. 185 more words

Mature love

LOVE CAN HAPPEN MANY TIME.. FOR ONLY ONE REASON – It too needs to get mature with period of time.

All shoe off the preacher… 126 more words

Waiting for My Valentina

Note: I wrote in my dream and penned on the phone on the way and posted from the office !

The foot path we left, 185 more words