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The births to come

I swear by the moon
In the sky
That my love for you
Is for a lifetime
But you went away with a smile
Leaving me alone without any guide… 69 more words


My Love Life

As of this writing on June 26th I’ve had a very rocky love life. Let’s start at my and my social issues. I am terrible at reading people. 266 more words


Die Hard Lover

Samuel loves his wife tremendously. He also loves his friends a lot.. He is having a packing unit.. and one day he finds one of his subordinate sobbing. 262 more words

Ex Present Future

Almenda is a beautiful model who loves excitement in her life.. She had 3 men in her life

Ex ‘Sam a model who had become unsuccessful soon so remained frustrated’ 373 more words

What am i suppose to do?

There are a lot of things that happen in my daily life that are totally useless to people. Like; I sit at home all day watching Gilmore Girls. 933 more words


இரு மீன்கள் 

கடவுள் படைத்த விண்மீன்களில் ,

இரண்டை மட்டும் வைத்துவிட்டான்,

ஆயிரம் மைலுக்கும் அப்பால்,

சுட்டெரிக்கும் சுடர் ஒளியாய்,

ஒளிவீசும் உன் இருகண்கள்.