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Why can't he be my best friend?!

‘He is not your best friend’.  JG says.

‘Whatever…’  I say defiantly.

We have had this conversation before.  It happens once or twice a year.  This time it’s on my birthday, when I get a phone call from my (best) friend Daniel, wishing me a happy birthday. 481 more words


Poems she wanted

Sonnets I wrote by day,
She wanted my lips to recite,
As I pause a hush of words,
She hold the breathe a while;
I continued chanting the lines, 72 more words


Let your lips linger the lughole

Straddle on my laps,
Start from the ears,
Move those lips,
Like a ice cube in milk,
I feel the moisture,
It burns like a bio gas, 28 more words


To the Best Boy Friend I Used to Know

Hello, you.

It has been quite a number of days since we last chatted. I want you to know that I miss you a lot. I want you to know that I enjoyed being friends with you. 279 more words

Say it once

Sing with me in the air,
Breathe the air I sang for you,
Drink with me the water,
That I shed as tears for you, 26 more words


A distant thunder

A distant thunder roars,
the name of your soul,
bellows the voice of your
echoing gasp of love,
at every nerve, trembles me,
like planets crashing and, 8 more words


Moving on after a heart break

All of us at one point or another will go through a heart break. There are many scenarios in which this could happen. We may have just come out of a long term relationship, loved someone who didn’t reciprocate our feelings, loved someone who was not available or had to end a relationship due to distance. 494 more words