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Learned Today

Only girls can murder the friendship of a guy without biding adieu and prior notice.

Girl Friend

Always a boy friend never a boyfriend

Did I say no more unavailable men?

Oops. My bad!

I no sooner declare my newfound resolve in dating and then I go and get involved with one. 195 more words


BF Denies Linkup With Loafer Girl

BF Denies Linkup With Loafer Girl

With her stunning glamour, both in “Loafer” movie and also during promotional events, Disha Patani has stunned everyone in Tollywood for sure…..……Read More………..

She never lied until I met her

Never thought he will meet her on that eventide. She had worn that beautiful long white skirt outfit and the grey cap.
The waves washed her little finger with those ebbs and flows. 119 more words


Poems she wanted

Sonnets I wrote by day,
She wanted my lips to recite,
As I pause a hush of words,
She hold the breathe a while;
I continued chanting the lines, 72 more words


Whats Love? It's Running Over Your Boyfriend With Your Car For Going To A Strip Club But He Then Bails Her Out Of Jail

That’s some type of love, folks. See, I don’t go around judging how couples operate. Sometimes the girl’s in charge, sometimes the guy’s in charge. Some couples are all cutesy and lovey dovey and some are just screaming matches and pure relent. 512 more words