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Lake Como, Italy

We’re back!!  After a magical week at STUNNING Lake Como, we have so much to share!

Can we just start by admiring that incredible view from the villa we found with  539 more words



When you go to do your Monday workout of the program you started a week ago and you think you know what’s coming…..NOPE! 😳

It’s okay thought Autumn just pushed me to a whole other level and it was awesome( AFTERWARDS). 50 more words


5 Tips for a Pool Day with the Kids

“Expect the unexpected” has been my life since I’ve had my boys. I’m always thinking ahead. Whenever we go somewhere, I take the obvious necessities and then some. 609 more words


Today was yoga day ( obviously one of my faves), but either way it was kind of hard to make myself do anything because it’s a Sunday. 47 more words


The Broken Roads Journey to Disney World ....

*** Just a note, this post is pretty long, but I felt it needed to be said all in one, instead of splitting it up *** 1,355 more words

Domestic Violence

Breakdowns DO happen

Yesterday I put my son down to bed at the same time we’ve been doing for the past few months. Normally I give this honor to my husband because of the huge fuss it normally kicks up when mom is involved because we both know I have no resolve whatsoever whenever my son hits me with those big brown eyes and fake cries. 760 more words


Fathers Day Out: Solo Addition

So I have a funny story, well funny to me I guess.. definitely relatable. About two weeks ago my S.O. Joey, came home one day and said “I want to take Jackson to the store with me by myself.” I just stared at him initially because honestly, this “dad” thing he did not have in the bag just YET. 1,436 more words