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Omission is a lie.

Some people don’t come right out and lie. They just omit the truth. They give you just enough truthful information to lead you to believe they are making the right choices and doing the right things. 1,245 more words

Boy Mom

Happy chemicals

Did you know that is scientifically proven that releasing endorphins can improve your overall mood? 💯

I literally feel like a different person after I workout! 33 more words


To parent or...?

Yesterday was a bit of a funk for little J, he has his moments and days just like any other baby. Often times I find it a touch overwhelming however and we take it step by step to get through the day. 846 more words


Don’t escape from life.

I’ve been diving into life and finding what makes me sparkle. Vacation makes me sparkle. That needs to change. Day to day life needs to make me sparkle. 1,271 more words

Boy Mom

A Coffee I Can Handle

If you knew me, you’d know that coffee is not something I enjoy drinking unless it’s got a whole bunch of sugar and cream. I actually switched to green tea because it’s much healthier and I can drink it plain. 304 more words

A Tired Teacher-Mom's 8 Little Luxuries Essential to Summer Survival

Summertime is hard on this Teacher-Mom. All those social media pics of exuberant educators wearing their “Tag, Parents! You’re It!” t-shirts… yeah, they can BITE ME. 675 more words


Lake Como, Italy

We’re back!!  After a magical week at STUNNING Lake Como, we have so much to share!

Can we just start by admiring that incredible view from the villa we found with  539 more words