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BRUH! 😵😒😫

There’s nothing wrong I’m just sitting here wondering “how did these boys figure playing in spilled milk is more fun than drinking it?!”

I’m learning to accept that about 93% of parenting during the toddler years is going to be made up of me wondering…”how in the world did they do that?” with no real answers. 155 more words


Don’t say that at school

Tonight Sammy and I were practicing phonics and he was saying “sh” and I swear it came out before I knew it “sshhhh” “shit” 💩. We laughed and repeated it way too many times so we once again had the discussion about school rules and that he can’t say that at school and he shouldn’t say it at home either, even if it is funny 😆

Am I alone here?


Kid Logic

The way that kids think and reason (especially the smaller ones) can be extremely entertaining. My oldest is currently 4 but has been relatively good at speaking since 2. 249 more words


Mommy Burnout: Part 1

Everywhere you look you will find tips and tricks to make your life easier and therefore less stressful. How to keep a clean home, how to get your children to sleep, how to diffuse meltdowns, and so on. 1,296 more words


Split Holiday's

So I’m wondering if anyone else has this problem… I’m at odds now.

We have a custody agreement and all its days are split holidays based on tradition. 230 more words

Co Parenting With A Narcissist Or High Conflict Parent

Cleanup on Isle Insanity

Just in case I forget how far I’ve come in motherhood I get those wonderful Facebook memories. This one popped up on my feed and I just felt compelled to share my mess of a life with all of you! 288 more words

Sleeping During the Newborn Stage

Anyone that has ever googled when to sleep when you have a newborn has likely come across the adage, “Sleep when the baby sleeps!” This idea might be somewhat possible if you only have your newborn and no other kids, though I was never a believer of pulling that off frequently in the daytime. 383 more words