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The life of young boys. Warning. Things get graphic.

My son, whom LOVES building, taking apart, re-assembling, and creating things about gave me a heart attack. 396 more words

Mom Life

The Browns

There are few things now as a mom, that either excite me, terrify me, surprise me, or flat our disgust me. I mean… I have been vomited on, touched blood, seen wild animals skinned, and witnessed my husband take one for the team and get a vasectomy. 347 more words

Mom Life

Boy Walden

Little Boy Walden’s outfit he’s going to be coming home in. One more month to go! 💙 Already having practice contractions… and this burst of energy I have to nest is a real thing. 🧸👣🍼

3 Year Old “Tornado of Emotions”

As many of you know, I am currently 5 1/2 weeks post op from a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy. 

I have had restrictions this entire time, and unable to lift either one of my kids. 707 more words

Adventures In Toddlerhood

Toddler's... Things No One Tells You

In case you are reading this and it is your first time reading one of my post, I am a Social Service Director at a skilled nursing home, a mother to a 3 year old toddler boy, and a dog lover. 451 more words

Daycare or Nah?

Due to the interesting circumstances in which my son was born I decided to stay home with him as long as possible in efforts to get to know him; bond with him; and settle into my new role as mommy(remind me to one day write about how I found out I was pregnant). 380 more words

First Time Mom