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Miniature Prose

nothing can hurt more

than seeing your child suffer

watching her cry at 4 am

and knowing there is nothing you can do

watching her rip apart her body… 20 more words

photo by stayathomemum.com.au

I know a boy;

Drowned in the sea of darkness,

Long ago breathed his last happiness

As his burdens drag him deeper… 78 more words


On Matters of the Heart

As is always the way with secrets,
The secret yearned to be known
Like a great love bringing back
The sadness that resonates in the midst of me… 175 more words

Autumn Rose - Chapter One

There is some kind of emptiness to these nights; the sound of the rain pouring down on these empty streets, trees are preparing for the cold nights ahead, leaving all of their beauty to the mercy of the white season. 959 more words



So all day I had been feeling like shit because of the Tyler situation and really needed to talk to Noelle and make sure Tyler had no expectations for anything more than our little friendship. 787 more words

Boy at Creek

This is coming along. Still working with the space and reflection on the water.



I’m better for having been with you

but I’m no better being without you

© Melanie Arendse