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Craig's List: The One Who Won't Go Away

I went on one date with Craig around six years ago; we had met on Facebook through a mutual friend and exchanged numbers fairly early on when we realised we had a lot in common. 995 more words



I’m wondering what it’s like to hold your hand.
To talk about personal things,
And to make that smile grow on your face.

I find myself infatuated by you, 58 more words

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Sex Selective abortions vs demography

Before giving birth to her son Marine Sargsyan, 35 years old, did a sex-selective abortion three times, because every time the fetus was a girl ‘’I already had two daughters, and my husband and I wanted a son very much, but every time after the ultrasound check-up we found out it was a girl again. 833 more words

Unattainable boy, golden love

Sometimes i think it’s better this way,
It’s better that we don’t have a chance.
You and me it’s like a planet out of orbit… 88 more words



1:03 AM, John calls me. 44 seconds of confusion on both ends. It starts off like he wants to meet up. Then silence and then “nevermind, nevermind bye kate bye”. 38 more words