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Baby, come and save me...

Hi All! Sorry for not posting in such a ridiculously long time, university had me by it s darn claws. However, I have kept my ears opened and my eyes peeled (as usual) and follows the juicest gossip yet… 549 more words


Sketch of a boy wearing a fedora hat

This is another sketch for redditgetsdrawn. – A boy standing in profile and wearing a fedora hat. I actually learned what that kind of hat was called quite recently, and am considering getting once in order to look as cool as this little guy. 7 more words

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Why did you promise me forever, when you can’t keep up to it?

why did you promise to stay, when you were almost out the door? 67 more words


Kids Girls Pant, Shirt Set

$ 03.50

Unit Price : 3.50 USD$ (Negotiation is allowed)

Min. Sample Order Quantity: 10 Piece/Pieces

Supply Ability: Unlimited

Port: Chittagong/Mongla , By Air… 21 more words


Nothing is Free

I watched the boy walk mindfully on the city sidewalks. People shuffled all around him, towering over his small body. But he had his chin high and purpose in his eyes. 458 more words


The beginnings

Before I begin, it’s around 2 in the morning and I’m rather tired. So, excuse any grammatical errors I might make.

Tonight, I have been reflecting on my life after watching a terribly sad movie about a girl with cancer (me, earl and the dying girl) which is a fantastic movie. 442 more words