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Boyet Fajardo Scandal: Learnings from a Bully

I was wont to write another piece on this Boyet Fajardo scandal simply because I really don’t want to prolong the agony of a fellow brother, Marvin Fernandez and I realized that the more we write about this, the more popular this unknown “jerk” becomes. 1,008 more words

Sino Si Boyet Fajardo?

It’s been in the news, and he’ll be facing charges from Duty Free. Boyet Fajardo – the self-absorbed RTW owner. How dare he say “ 50 more words


Boyet Fajardo Scandal & Why People Find it Despicable

First, let me put everything in perspective.

The Facts

This so-called “scandalous” incident started when an unknown fashion designer name Boyet Fajardo went to Duty-Free Philippines to buy chocolates. 1,307 more words

Boyet Fajardo Scandal: On Second Thought

I just finished researching about this thing. What I found out, is not entirely good about this person.

My fellow readers and bloggers all around—You’re right. 77 more words

Shame on you, Boyet Fajardo

This was forwarded to me through email. I saw the disturbing video during last night’s news broadcast.


Last March 13, 2009, Filipino Fashion Designer Angelino Boyet Fajardo created a scene, to the shock and horror of shoppers and employees of Duty Free Philippines alike, when a cashier politely asked for his ID after presenting his unsigned credit card. 596 more words


Boyet Fajardo: The Scandalous Flipside

Before I join those people who want to crucify Boyet Fajardo for his alleged anomalous or scandalous acts against two Duty-Free employees, just like before, I want to weigh all the pieces of evidence before I jump into conclusions. 277 more words

Creative Outburst

That’s how Boyet Fajardo, thru his (or her or maybe IT?) spokesperson Ricky Rivera, described what had happened to the now famous Boyet Fajardo Scandal. 935 more words

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