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I Tried Sexting, And It Turned Me On

My sexting virginity was taken recently by someone who I never expected, in a million years, I would do it with. I used to work with him in the summer, but we never really talked outside of work. 599 more words


A Letter to my Ex

**Disclaimer: this is not meant to be understood by anyone other than people who know the situation and me personally. Currently it is 1 a.m. and all I know is I need to write this.** 838 more words

The other guy...❤

Sorry but I’m back to tell more. I think I really am in love with the other guy… You know the guy… If you’ve been reading my entries. 198 more words


Maybe I'm wrong about love.

I love him yes. Can that make me stay? Maybe not. I’m too scared to leave him because maybe he loves me more than I love him. 162 more words


10 Qualities I Want in a Man

Spring is here, but not for me. No new love has blossomed in my life. In actuality, the guy I’ve been seeing for the past 3 months has quietly disappeared from my life (no, I didn’t kill him, and bury his body in the woods; we just ended up ghosting each other I guess). 484 more words


A Life without Birth Control: What's that like?

I have been flying under the radar the past couple weeks. I’ve just been feeling very uninspired to write. It’s not that I have had nothing to say…I have… 1,222 more words