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Moving in with Your Boyfriend: 7 Women Share Their Experience

Two weeks ago, my boyfriend and I did something BIG: we moved in together!!! After being together for 3 years, meaning a lot of forgotten toothbrushes and contact lens solution — in other words, after tons of funky breath and dry eyes — we decided we were ready to take that step. 1,825 more words

Joëlle Paquette

Day 2: Dance Fever & Gym Boyfriends.

I’m back!

After yesterday’s post, I rushed off to a dance studio.

I decided last week that I was going to get back to one of my first loves, dancing. 769 more words


Relationships (Long Distance)


I am currently writing this blog listening to Ed Sheeran (One of many celeb crushes) who also writes amazing songs, wondering what a good a relationship is. 443 more words

SARD: Part 19 - Unable to Tell (Warning: NSFW 21+)

********Warning: This post is highly sexual in nature. It has a homoerotic theme and sexual assault connected to it. I am going to use sexual and vulgar language, simply because that is the only way I know how to tell this story. 1,498 more words

Sexual And Relationship Development

My Life In June #27

Urgh! The boyfriend took my car today; turns out his mot ran out 6 months ago! So the police pulled him over and gave him a ticking off and a fine. 123 more words


"He's texting a girl from work a lot"

My boyfriend and I met on Tinder about 4 and a half months ago. About 2 months after we started our relationship, I cheated on him. 186 more words

Advice Needed

Just Friends

I long for the day when this heaviness will lift
When the pain will shift
Into happiness, into freedom, into joy.
When we can be friends, just friends, 87 more words