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This Isn't About Love...

Because if it were, I’d tell you that I like your laugh.

This isn’t about love…

Because if it were, I’d be selfish enough to keep each joke to myself – then I’d share them, because when I think about you and that damn laugh, I laugh to myself. 478 more words

Trang điểm cho buổi hẹn hò đầu tiên

Ui nhớ hôm đó gặp anh ý mà anh ý nở một nụ cười có chút ngại ngùng mà đáng yêu làm sao 😂 Chứng tỏ chiến dịch làm chàng ấn tượng đã thành công… 35 more words

The Difference

There is a big difference between a boyfriend and a Boo Thing.

A boyfriend will take you out on date make sure he acknowledges your feeling show up more than just to have relations is basically the opposite of Alkaline’s song ‘Company’ 247 more words

I'm back in Leicester!

Hello Readers,

So September has come and gone and I’m getting ready to go back into year two of uni… scary! Over the past month I have made the move back to Leicester and started to feel at home in my new flat. 399 more words


Top 11 Proofs I have the BEST boyfriend

  • He respects women. He doesn’t respond to crappy jokes. He gives proper compliment. He’s close to his mom and treat her well. He also values my opinion.
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50 Things That Make Me Happy

I have done a post like this a while ago, you can see that here, and I really loved writing it. So, when I saw this done by… 865 more words



We haven’t seen or spoken to each other in a little over a week… And while it does make me feel sad to think about a week of us having nothing to say to one another, honestly the silence doesn’t feel quite as terrible as I imagined it would be. 213 more words