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Task at Hand When He Leaves You In His House, Alone

He left me in his house saying he’d be gone for just a few minutes to get us something to bite.

If I was any usual woman, I would have taken this chance to snoop and find out what he is about but to be honest, snooping does nothing for me. 444 more words


Coming up on the end...

March 28, 2015

When I last wrote, Schafer and I were still incredibly new. The summer had just begun. Life seemed impossibly bright.

Last summer was the best I’d ever had. 594 more words



Turning beneath one Rail bridge
they passed under five carriages
in fall
as the green countryside
somehow wandered by

To capture that moment
Why was this not enough? 79 more words



The autumn leaves fell cautiously upon the ground, the gentle breeze gave them a small insight to flying. The sun blazed down in all its glory, making the golden colours reflect to create a beautiful landscape. 1,054 more words

Holding back.

So, I’m officialy J’s girlfriend. I wanna keep the relationship cool, chill, and easy but at the same time be serious with him.

But, I have this feeling he aint serious about me. 126 more words

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

At one point in your lifetime you will experience a break up.

My first break up was with my kindergarten boyfriend Ethan. We had been together for at least 45 min until my friend Tiffany brought a cake to school that said “I Love Ethan.” He dumped me behind the slide at recess. 1,060 more words


Turning On the Oven

Today is the first day in around four months that I haven’t taken an anti-depressant. It is also the first time I have turned on the oven in my flat’s kitchen since around December. 180 more words