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Littlest Moments

He was already asleep before I was finished work the other night and I had walked myself home. As I walked in the front door and there was a note and a rolled joint waiting for me. 121 more words

There are perks of long distance? No way... I found 6!

ALWAYS focus on the bright sides. You have to. If you think about how much the distance sucks all of the time then you loose sight of what is really important: the true and genuine happiness you bring each other. 1,984 more words


Friendship - Does gender really matter?

Source: http://www.yourengagement101.com/daily-101/files/2009/04/just_friends.jpg?w=300

From the time we are small, our friends and Bollywood movies all around us teach us that a girl and a boy can never be friends. 362 more words

My Thots And Scribbles

Uh oh!

Just a quick little update…maybe!

On Thursday night, it got to 6.20pm and I hadn’t heard from my boyfriend all day and he still wasn’t home. 794 more words


To feel attached to a place

JQ’s parents have sold there house, almost a year to the day it first went up, I think they found the process quite frustrating but it was definitely the estate agents lack of motivation that inhibited the sale rather than the house,or indeed them. 282 more words

Since it's my first one

I’m actually watching New Girl on Netflix and its kinda hard trying to focus on this so bear with me.

My family, friends and boyfriend are important to me so not only will this blog be about me but I’ll be talking about them. 147 more words