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Holding on

Sometimes we often ask ourselves, does this really make sense? This can be misunderstood in many different ways but with respect to  relationships; have you ever asked yourself this question? 396 more words

The Night w/ My Best Friend

I fell in love with my best friend. She’s beautiful, smart, hilarious, fun to be around, and gives the most amazing hugs. Too bad she doesn’t like girls. 435 more words

Those tights

As we all know, A is a sucker for tights. He found a pair of tights at his Mum’s house that he said were like shiny. 311 more words

Just Friends, To Broken For More

I have decided that there is nothing there more than friends with the guy I met and went out with last weekend. He is going through a really hard time dealing with things from his past and because of that we are looking for two different things. 2,353 more words

Confidence spike

Over the past couple of months, A has continued to cross dress, but the time we have been able to share this together has decreased due to work commitments and the business of life. 319 more words


‘Please just don’t disappear and leave me here to pick up the pieces not knowing what is happening.”

‘I won’t. Please don’t be mad.”

He lied. 1,169 more words



In my opinion, I don’t think there is anything that can say I love you more than a rose that has a print saying ‘I love you’… I actually gave someone I love, a golden rose once…. 75 more words