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[Thai Trans] BTS : My Concert Cue Sheet คอนเสิร์ตในฝันที่อยากทำ

BTS : My Concert Cue Sheet คอนเสิร์ตในฝันที่อยากทำ

แปลจาก BTS 2015 Concert : BTS Begins Program Book

ถึงจะเก่าไปนิดแต่อ่านแล้วอมยิ้มแน่นอนค่ะ เราแปลไปหัวเราะไป ต้องหยุดมานั่งขำเลย 5555555555

RM : My Concert Cue Sheet : คอนเสิร์ตในฝันของนัมจุน

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[Ficlet] Thunder


Vylareika Present

Family | General | Ficlet

Kwon Hoshi , Kwon Mirae

Hoshi is not mine. But the plot of this story is mine. Don’t be plagiaters, okay^^ 441 more words

My World

GOT7 Fanmeeting in Jakarta

GOT7 held a fanmeeting in Indonesia for the very first time and it was impossible for me not wanting to attend their first event! After attending BTS fanmeeting two months ago, of course I really want to go to GOT7 fanmeeting as well! 652 more words

Without You

Without You

Arinapark Present

Poster by Xyoblue @ Indo Fanfictions Arts

Romance;AU | Parent Guidance 13 | Vignette

BTS’s Jin and Red Velvet’s Irene, slight! 1,518 more words

My World

Seo Taiji and Boys Profile

Name: Seo Taijin and Boys

Hangul: 서태지와 아이들

Company: Yedang Entertainment Company

Debut: 1992, April 11

Disband: 1996, January

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Hello! I am back after like… 500 years. xD I haven’t been active here… but i will be since VIXX IS COMING BACK!!! ;~; I have been rotting and doing nothing while waiting… the first teaser was released just now oh my god. 130 more words