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AUDIO: Hippo Campus - "Boyish"

A lot of really awesome things come out of St. Paul, Minnesota, and one of those things are indie rockers Hippo Campus. Their latest single, “Boyish” is a blast of indie rock aggression, and the song hits you like a ton of bricks as soon as you press play. 58 more words


Mood Monday-Four Songs Reflecting My Mood...Listen


Lo Moon

Hippo Campus


Today, I am borrowing a computer for this post. Do you see how devoted I am to this blog? I know y’all are here and I never want to let you down. 435 more words


Hello Tom, It's US.

It happened again…
It happens more often honestly, than I’d like to admit.

Every-time it does my confidence weeps and hides. Sticking itself in a corner wondering if it should ever return. 760 more words

Card #85: September Challenge- Choo Choo!

I was originally planning on staying home tonight and just chillin’.  Probably watch some Netflix, eat some dry cereal for supper (if even that), and generally be lazy.  420 more words


Girls will be boys

Even if I am quite familiar with feminine/girly outfits, I love breaking the habit borrowing men’s clothes once in a while. 278 more words


That boyish look I love

In my ideal world I would be a tall girl with almost no curves. Yes I would be at least 1m70 and would have almost no breast or ass. 516 more words


Boyish Style, Easy to Move

Dear Reader and Blogger Friends,

I took that tittle because that was what i felt when i wore it, it was one of my alternative and choice when it came about confusing. 75 more words

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