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Emotional Response Records Showcase


Grab these while you can as they come with a digital download which gives you access to LOADS of bonus tracks! 373 more words


The College of Ruptured Ear Drums

This week I was blasted out my post turkey malaise while listening to Chromewaves Radio. Out of my cheap earbuds came some of the best possessed white noise I’ve heard in ages. 139 more words


Anti-social driving - please keep us updated.

Dear residents,

With the winter months approaching one of our latest priorities will be tackling anti-social driving across South Cambs. Over the summer this issue has subsided and we are keen to keep it that way. 272 more words

A Friend For Life

A friend for life – Boyracer

Hooray a Boyracer song, and a Boyracer song i haven’t posted before. Boyracer bass lines are the best and this is the bass line that opens up their very first album, More Songs About Frustration And Self Hate. 137 more words


Vitamin B

Vitamin B – Boyracer

There must be some Boyracer songs that Stewart cannot remember writing. The amount of them and the stretch years and releases they are strewn over, if he ever listens to his old records there must be some songs that make him go “Really? 61 more words


BOYRACER: More Songs About Frustration And Self-Hate (LP, A Turntable Friend TURN 20, 1994)

This is a great album and one that I listened to very regularly soon after its release. I was a big fan of Boyracer in the 1990s, as they bridged a gap between the indie-pop and the noisy weirdo music that I was simultaneously listening to a lot of at the time. 333 more words


One Step Forward

One step forward – Boyracer

I know this was originally an Even As We Speak song, but, to completely preclude the best chance Even As We Speak had of appearing here (or another Australian band appearing here), it’s the Boyracer version in my head. 107 more words