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Why too many why's?

It is 1am, the bf is not back from his boys night out yet!! At midnight I told him I was heading home from my imaginary girls night out, I thought that should give him time to say goodnight to his friends and head home to me..well an hour later he is still not home!! 413 more words


First thing, First...

This title of this blog stumped me. Once I posted the title and I wanted to write about how marriage is like this beautiful walk along the beach, holding hands and just this feeling of awe.   808 more words

It's Better with a Song

I went through a large piece of furniture the other day.  I was cleaning it out.  Oh the memories it has in it.  The cassettes it had in it.   610 more words

13 Things That Happen When You Drink With Your Best Friend as Told by Nick Miller

Drinking with your best friend can be dangerous. When you two get together, you forget about limits and lose your senses. You block out the rest of the world for the greatest night of your lives, but as you get older, nights with your best friends get extremely predictable. 617 more words


What’s Crazier: Boys Night Out Or Girls Night Out?

Posted by Bars And Nightclubs on 11/2/16.

Now here is a question that can fire up a debate between both gender groups: which one generally has  1,320 more words


Mommy's night out

I have to admit, one of the things I truly miss is sleeping in on a Saturday morning – especially after a late Friday night out. 422 more words

Urban Suburban Mommy

Do You Have A BiFF?

It’s an important question. A BiFF can change your whole outlook to the opposite sex, to love, relating, societies, work. A good BiFF is all good things rolled into one, a sort of Human Being Plus. 1,125 more words