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Why I love K-drama.

Its a question most people ask when they find out I watch South Korean dramas, or more commonly, K-drama, and I get why. I mean, how did I ever find out about these televised serial of mini episodes from a country whose language and culture I dont know hair nor hide about. 736 more words


Boys Over Flowers [Drama]: Doesn't quite stand the test of time...

Continuing my Lee Min Ho phase, I finally turned my attention to the Korean drama that launched him into fame; Boys Over Flowers (2009). This 25-episode series is actually an adaptation of Yoko Kamio’s manga of the same name (Hana Yori Dango in Japanese), and it created quite a buzz back in the day. 1,457 more words


Turning "guilty" pleasures into "guiltless" pleasures

Why should we feel guilty about loving some of the things that we love? Probably everyone has an idea of what a guilty pleasure is: it’s something that others expect you to want to hide. 491 more words

Boys Over Flowers

Kim Hyun Joong Submits Materials For DNA Test.

Well, we all know criminal suspect A downloaded… oops! Gave birth to her baby somewhere in the first week of September and immediately decided to go on to sue Hyun Joong for paternity claim (without informing his side that the baby was born, mind you) saying Hyun Joong refused to do paternity test. 2,116 more words

Kim Hyun Joong

Moon River - BOF Flows Again! / 明若曉溪

BWAHAHAHAHA. This is pure crack and I am so addicted. I came into this Taiwanese drama with the lowest of low expectations. From the previews and the first 20 minutes, this was Boys Over Flowers 2015, minus one flower boy (the gangster one?). 559 more words

First Impressions

Boys Over Flowers - Manga, Anime & Drama

   ‘Boys Over Flowers’

Boys Over Flower (Hana Yori Dango ) is the most popular name in the  shoujo manga/drama industry. It’s the best-selling shoujo manga… 554 more words

My New Addiction: Korean Dramas (BOYS OVER FLOWERS)

SO, I have found a new addiction. My friend was watching a series on Netflix called Boys Over Flowers. So, I watched the first episode with her. 446 more words