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Take the Plunge

I’m starting this blog because I had this kdrama community where re-watching an oldie was a challenge. A couple of girls agreed to buddy-watch Boys over Flowers… 329 more words

Boys Over Flowers

10 Perfect Kdramas for Beginners

ONE day I logged into my Facebook and Twitter accounts and found people on my newsfeed talking about the famous Korean dramas, and how they’re falling in love with it. 1,174 more words

Boys Over Flowers

Booze Over Flowers

Put on your fancy suits, cook some ramen, and don’t forget the soju when you’re playing our drinking game for the ultimate high school K-drama, … 187 more words

Academic Exiles

Abusive Relationships in Shoujo Manga by the Number: Week 4

On last week’s post, Alex commented,

Why do you plan to talk about why exactly it seems a genre of manga dominated by female authors contains so much abuse? 2,144 more words


Abuse in Shoujo by the Numbers Week 3

Sorry this update is a week late – it’s con season, and panels and interviews means I have a ton of prep work to do. I’ll be presenting my Romance and Abuse in Shoujo Manga panel at both Otakon and AnimeFest, so come over and say hi if you’re there! 1,155 more words


Loving K-dramas: First K-drama

Disclaimer: I found a new outlet to release my seemingly infinite love with Korean Dramas. I guess this phenomenon will always remain in my heart until the end. 756 more words

Korean Dramas

Los dramas que estoy viendo

La semana pasada empecé a ver Scarlet Heart Ryeo o Moon Lovers y voy a empezar por decirles que vi los primeros seis episodios de una sentada y, apenas una semana después, sólo me quedan cuatro episodios. 424 more words

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