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Mom to mom, parent to parent..

Mommy advice from the last 9 years of my life.

I have three boys, and that’s all I’ll be having. No trying for #4 hoping for a girl. 1,109 more words


Sick of Swiping...

It’s not the weather, and it’s not because I’m still recovering from a weekend food/drink hangover… though I’m sure those things are playing a slight factor. 567 more words


FIVE fashion staples every guy should have

Ankle boots
This is the most important thing for a guy of this generation. Having one of these escalates the look to another level. The best part about ankle boots is that they come in a variety of option and colors like the suede variant, leather etc. 299 more words


Fashion blogging- a new buzz

“Yes I want to become a fashion blogger because that’s my dream” says a 13 year old girl. The people in their 30’s were surprised and flabbergasted when they heard this from a baby girl. 612 more words

And More

Snow Day #3

Once again woke to this. Everyone’s home well ..was my son and his buddies love a challenge so they took my subie and up our Long road of a driveway in their pajama pants they went yes…. 77 more words

BOYS AND MENボイメンが名古屋ライブで名曲のUFOをカバー

BOYS AND MENボイメンが名古屋ライブで名曲のUFOをカバー


Well…back to the real world now; where things aren’t always easy and time keeps marching on anyway. I’ve already posted my physical goals and what work will look like in 2018. 891 more words