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My Type

I never really understood the concept of having a type. I never felt a preference of whether a guy had blond or brunette hair, or blue or brown eyes. 254 more words

I scrambled for the 'It' toy

Picking the perfect gift. It’s hit or miss. With kids, getting the ‘it’ gift elevates things and I become frenzied. Welcome to champagne problems 101. 421 more words

Toughen Up, Guys!

Yesterday, I showed a documentary in my class called “Tough Guise 2” with Jackson Katz.  It is all about the way the media has ‘hypermasculinized’ men, just like they have ‘hypersexualized’ women.  1,032 more words

Chapter Five

Dear Jack and Dexter,

My beautiful boys. I want to make promise to you. I promise that I will never abandon you. I will never make you feel that my needs are more important than yours. 377 more words

Interactive notebooks

An alternative way of presenting information learnt in class, offering students the opportunity to summarise their learning in a more innovative way.

This approach differs from typical note taking as students are asked to demonstrate their understanding of the lesson content in a fun and creative way. 332 more words


That time we ate Big Bird's cousin

When we eat restaurant food, we usually end up with pizza, burgers, or chicken strips. My wife and I don’t prefer these choices, but we don’t whine about having to eat pizza, burgers, or chicken strips as much as the boys whine about having to eat something that’s not pizza, burgers, or chicken strips. 474 more words