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Dream Big!

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I have all these big dreams like opening a café, having my own farm (or ranch as I like to call it haha) and running my own events company. 522 more words


DRC365 #238

People watching. The best place to watch the world go by from the village centre. Observing daily life in the village from a neat vantage point on the high street these boys watched the traffic pass by each day we came through the town.

Humanitarian Aid Work

Best College Advice I've Received So Far!

Hi, Lifestyle Speakers! I would have you know that not only pregnant women receive various advice when they are expecting, college students do, too. As this exciting time in my life is coming up, I have received various (mostly solicited) advice in which I’m so excited to implement in my life. 635 more words

Fifteen Love

Love is something we all experience at least once in our lives. I’m not talking about loving your parents or grandma. I’m talking about loving your best friend so much you cry when they tell you they don’t want to be friends anymore. 641 more words

Ranting about Heartbreakers

Heart-breakers, f*ckboys, casanovas, players, womanizers, lady-killers, playboys, skirt chasers, etc.

A plethora of name that describe a group of the type of human, mainly the male human race. 1,369 more words



When I decide to X someone from my life, they’re out, really out, for good. I can forgive and move on, but I can’t really let go of the negative attachment that I now have to someone once they have hurt me. 384 more words

August 24th, 2016

Girls, you know you’re always right. In every relationship, the girl is always right. That being said, you should really give the guy some leeway when he is right those few times. 397 more words