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Update: Our Gang

Like on all my other blogs, I make an update of this great Classic series aka Little Rascals. Please note, that I don’ know/don’t remember all movies. 131 more words


Story 3: Cutting off pigtails

Cutting off one or both pigtails is another, often mean thing to do with pigtails. Often done by someone else as a prank or revenge, but also sometimes done by herself or himself for one reason or another. 87 more words

Update: Our Gang

There are also at least 2 more boys in pigtails.

First Buckwheat (pics 1+2) looking similar like Farina but mainly with smaller and looped pigtails here. 50 more words

ok lets try taking things in a different direction


Dear Friend,

its been 2 weeks, i know¬† i know, i left you on a very depressing note. I’m fine. Honestly I am. I mean the whole mason thing threw me, but I’ve come to realize that everything is meant to be and as much as i hate to admit it, mason wasn’t meant to be. 377 more words


~Mercurial Musings 101~

I was watching ~Impractical Jokers~ on TV and the term MILF was brought up and used. Which got me to thinking.
I mean it’s not like I’m sitting around with nothing better to do than to write this kinda stuff. 528 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Thursday 20. October 2016

My redneck child, we nicknamed him Bubba when he was just a little guy, he has definitely grown into that name. He has been a challenge, there are many days I can only shake my head and say that I just don’t get how boys think. 885 more words


The Fuck Boy the Hot Girl and the Friend Zone!

We live in a delusional, made up superficial, social media fake world! Where the fuck boy rules, the hot girl scores and the friend zone is real. 721 more words