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"See You Later"

I believe in the power of new beginnings…

I believe in traveling to new places & meeting new people. I believe in the magic of a first kiss and the heartaches of a goodbye. 706 more words


I’m trying, trying to demonstrate how I want my own boys to be

How I hope they will treat others…

But I am pushed back, not by them… 140 more words

Can words even define it?

I am a very dramatic person. A very dramatic person. If someone says “Oh sup.” I will go into an endless spiral of ridiculous thoughts  898 more words

Why I stayed for his 8 months of erectile dysfunction.

‘Why do you date these guys Darita? I don’t understand?’ – that’s the line I get every time I end up talking about the guy I’m currently seeing. 1,190 more words

So it's New Year's Eve,

and you leave his family’s house at 10:30 because you both have early flights the next day. And he says, “We don’t have any pictures together.” 93 more words


Mike 🤔🙄😎😎

Mike, 10 years old
This kid is very serious, I think he wants to intimidate somebody.


Alaba 💟🌛🌜💫

Alaba, 14 years old – (6 Photos)
Young man in a series of black and white photographs. The pictures are very beautiful, showing the beauty of a magical age.