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Best-laid Plans

From the time I was about 14 years old, I had annual appointments with a gynecologist to be tested for cancer. When my mom was pregnant with both my sister and me, she was given a medication called Diethylstilbestrol (DES). 440 more words


BPA: What’s in your Tupperware?

In April 2016, Campbell’s announced a plan to phase out bisphenol A lining in their soup cans. The idea was first announced in 2012 but the transition was delayed by the difficulty in finding a suitable alternative. 651 more words

Environmental Health

BPA exposure increases risk of food allergies

Bisphenol A (BPA), is a chemical compound, prevalent in numerous substances including polycarbonate plastics used in some food and drink packaging, impact-resistant safety equipment, and medical devices. 356 more words


21 Foods That You Should Buy Organic

To buy organic or to not buy organic?

That is the question that many of us ask ourselves while standing basket-in-hand in the grocery store. Buying organic can be extremely pricey compared to the non-organic options; sometimes for good reason. 364 more words

How Fast Food Messes With Your Hormones

Alexandra Sifferlin @acsifferlin  April 13, 2016     

A new study shows people who eat fast food have higher levels of chemicals in their system

If you want to eat healthy, you’ll need to forgo fast food, which is high in sodium, sugar and grease. 442 more words


Better Safe than Sorry!

We worry about relatives or friends dying from heart disease when they are obese, smoke a pack of cigarettes daily, never exercise, have high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels, and diabetes. 499 more words