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What is life?

What is life exactly?

There is so much sadness, happiness, laughter, and the list goes on. I remember growing up, life seem to consist of more social interactions. 565 more words


Your Container is Making You Fat...Or Is It?

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This post was originally written in 2009. (Source: “the Nutrition Action Healthletter, April, 2008) Apparently it’s not WHAT you eat, it’s the container you eat it in, that’s making you fat. 415 more words



The little-discussed fact about “Organic” Foods: IT TAKES TIME.

You can buy the free-range meats, pesticide free produce, grains without FU2’s, but there’s no avoiding that you must cook + prepare baby’s food. 218 more words

Stay At Home Father

Is plastic really bad for me? If yes, how can I shield my family?

Do you drink out of plastic bottles frequently? Do you store food with plastic wrap? Do you use a plastic cutting board in your kitchen? Do you freeze your leftovers in plastic? 649 more words


WEEKLY REPORT - 07.19.15


Archives of Internal Medicine published, you will eat 47% more food when you start a meal with with bread or fries. So the tip is eat veggies, like a salad, instead. 494 more words


Choosing a water bottle is like a husband

A long time ago, about 3 BC (before children), I went on a mission to find a water bottle. I was inspired to start this voyage by friend, Rachel, who worked for WWF – the world wide nature fund. 743 more words