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BPAL scent reviews

Do you know what BPAL is? No? That’s unfortunate. Here, let me educate you: BPAL stands for Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (and for once I spelled Phoenix correctly on the first try, truly a thing to celebrate) and they create perfume oils. 2,182 more words

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

2016: 16 Favorites

I’m busting out of hiatus for my end-of-year favorites, because I just can’t break tradition.  I’m not sure how soon I’ll be back to my old blogging.   1,689 more words


A Few of my Favorite Things #1

Inspired by today’s Prompt, Aromatic, I decided I was overdue for a product review for one of my  favorite things – Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab… 406 more words

Toy Scents

Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs has strong toy scents, all nauseating and awful. I left the scent strips and imps outside. Bleach them. I regret writing such a disdainful article about them, but they really are off-putting. 563 more words


Scent of a Doctor

How do you want your clinician to smell? I think there’s a place for a subtle, understated scent for the gentleman doctor in clinic.  Scents add to an experience, provide an environment that may endorse comfort and relaxation for the patient. 1,257 more words


Day 1065 - BPAL's Botticelli's Unicorn

Scent Name:  Botticelli’s Unicorn

Manufacturer: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab – Art of the Unicorn Part 2

Scent Description and Notes: “White leather, opal musk, and amber-limned rose. 173 more words


BPAL Lilith's 2016 Review

So it’s that time of year again, the release of the Lilith collection from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.

This is my First BPAL order direct from the Lab (I’m in the UK) and I have to say despite the expensive postage, I am thrilled with this years Lilith’s!   445 more words