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Mother of a MIA Moment

I cannot even begin to explain how many times I have wanted to blog since my last post, but life suddenly hit me with a thunder storm of life events which I feel like it was saving up just to offload on me all at once. 1,005 more words

Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson, and the BPD Stigma

I need to start off by saying that I know it’s not my job to make assumptions about people’s personal lives. It’s not my place to speak about somebody’s personal life as if I am intimately familiar with it. 494 more words

Mental Health

Hello, world! Please hear me out

I have to speak my mind before it’s going to implode.

It’s hard to know when to start. Revelations sometimes fall one after another and in trying to pick one, I lose them all. 1,848 more words


Standing Tall, Ready For the Next Chapter

Today was my second last Edmonton group.

I’m not going to lie, I have butterflies in my stomach and am having a significant case of second thoughts. 384 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

Entry 5

It’s almost June. You came to town late last week because you chose to be with her and go golfing with your “friends.” You came to town and saw your son for a total of two and a half hours, which you blame on me because I breastfeed. 458 more words



I am not a person,

I am a series of events,

Most of them traumatic.

I’m an amalgamation of character traits stolen from other people, 659 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

Art group?

Hey everyone, how are you?

I am debating today whether or not to g to the art group. I am still down about yesterday and don’t want to lose it and freak out there. 239 more words