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I want to be more than I am

I want… So badly… To be more than I am.

I want to be the kind of girl who packs up her car and drives for 5 hours to have lunch and read a book in the mountains. 127 more words

Taking Things Easy

Hey everyone, how are you?

I am taking things easy today, after being in a car crash yesterday.


Yesterday morning I was in a car crash. 319 more words

My personal pandemic

I think I should start taking my anti-depressants again.

Yesterday night at dinner, Father was asking me about my tattoo, asking if cancer happens due to that. 937 more words


Loving yourself first [Rant]

People always tell you that you should ‘love yourself first’. If you don’t love yourself then how can anybody else love you? Sure, sometimes love is a crutch and we use it to fill a void that exists within us. 276 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

I’m either a stone cold bitch or I’m crying over everything. There’s no in between

You know those days where you just cry all the time? Or is that just me? I had a day, a few days actually, where I cried a lot. 634 more words


The Stigma with Mental Health Meds (don't let it stop you)

Yesterday I had a wet net on my head. After that, a cotton swab rubbed on the left and right side of the inside of my mouth. 623 more words


Behind Those Walls: A Poem By Jessa Raven

Hello, all. This is a poem I created tonight for people struggling with issues regarding mental health, or constantly feeling like you have to hide. This one’s for you. 140 more words