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End?: Always Like This

I’d call the series [!] over. Still I better wrap this shit up with a closing argument for and against quitting your long term SSRI. 329 more words

Stand By Your Man

Stand By Your Man – Tammy Wynette

Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman

Giving all your love to just one man….

Every time I hear Tammy sing this song I get shivers.

743 more words
Borderline Personality Disorder

4 Areas Affected by Depression

Depression affects the whole person.  Not just our thoughts, not just our emotions, not just our behavior.  It affects everything, including our physical body as well. 163 more words

Mental Illness

Trying to think positive

Hey everyone, how are you?

Things have been hard over the last week. But I am trying to think positive and have a better week this week. 346 more words

Empty Corridors

The moon pulls itself up through the sky

Shadows stretch away from the grey stone pillars

A chill presses in on me

The darkness a lid over my courtyard 455 more words


I'm Pregnant.

The last post I wrote, on Saturday 23rd March, was the day after I’d attended hospital because I wanted to kill myself. Part of the reason why was because I didn’t have a family. 1,084 more words



Wash it away

trim the fat

cool my body in icy puddles

frozen creamer

my heated fire


hold my shiver into dancing flames

i am inferno… 29 more words