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Words / Tully

Looking in the mirror, I barely recognise the aged face that stares back at me, genuinely recoiling at my own image.

The smile lines. 184 more words

Psych Zine

Art group

Hey everyone, how are you?

Today, I have to go to the art group and I am slightly anxious about it; if I am honest. 330 more words


That familiar feeling.

Anxiety takes hold and leaves me breathless. Trying to make sense of this crazy world and everything in it.

The emotional roller-coaster that takes me on one hell of a ride. 51 more words



Now, on a gloomy autumn morning,
Caught me the misanthropy.

I was sitting, knitting,
Weaving thoughts into thinking
On a roadside I called bench,
Aside the surrounding chatting French. 187 more words


My ideal 'ME' time

Hello World ❤

Self care and self love are so fundamentally important when trying to look after your own mental state, sometimes it feels like having BPD is a curse that I’ll never escape from. 1,116 more words

Mental Health

Back to reality

Hey everyone, how are you?

I am now back to the reality of life, after a magical day the other day. Back to days of appointments and groups. 408 more words

Questions... Choices...

To be or not to be…. To do or not to do… To think or not to think… To let go or not to let go… To be brave or not to be brave… Are some of the questions that I daily struggle with… Sometimes I make the right choice…sometimes I don’t… But darned right I make them… No one and nothing can take that away from me even if the question is to give up or not to give up… That’s the only thing that I have. 13 more words