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Free little libraries

This is a short appreciation post for reading because I’m having a dip and need to focus on something positive.

Free little libraries have been popping up in communities for years now but I recently came across one at a local church. 153 more words

Mental Health

• Pretty And Possessed •

Consumed by this mighty cathedral
Searching for meaning, fallen & faithless
Hard pouring rain soothes my dark soul
Within these eerie grounds I find solace. 200 more words




Here it is

That thing you
Asked for
That one day

Do you remember?
Probably not, but

I just thought… 123 more words



Darkness sits

Companion to

These words

Lest time forget

This moment

I feel I

Neglect You

Your attention is



And yet

Cognizance of what… 155 more words



V = VALUE. LillBlu’s A to Z challenge.. 22/7/19

Never underestimate the value of those in your life, for whatever reason they are there; for when they are gone, the world is a very empty place. 265 more words



It doesn’t bother me at first, but soon as I learned about it, I started to wonder, is this hereditary? And that time, after a bit or two learning the theory, I asked my mother about it and she said that there was some member relative who showed symptoms of mental disorder. 1,028 more words

Mental Health

About Me

Okay, so first of all, my name isn’t Lexee. I prefer to remain anonymous as I plan to discuss many private thoughts and controversial topics. All statements made on my blog will be the absolute truth unless aliases are used to protect the identity of others or myself. 115 more words