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A Day-Mare Poet

The sweetest dream
seems a mere nightmare,
The yesterday aches
by all pain of the future,
The present things
remain as they were,
All the disasters… 323 more words


Who knows...

I’m not sure what I’m feeling. Or even if I’m feeling that way any more. I’m confused, because I experienced a very distinct episode, or set of feelings. 1,021 more words

Finally went out

Hey everyone, how are you?

I managed to get out of the house yesterday. And it was good to see something other than the same four walls. 340 more words

Mental health awareness rant

I’ve had a lot happen this week. Stuff I’m not ready to get into.

I got out of hospital, at least for now as i left against medical advice and it is still of professional opinions that I go back in. 721 more words

Mental Health

Nah-pointment at the psy

I never was “well” – physically, mentally nor socially; however, it’s been about 5 years that I have started thinking really seriously about visiting a “professional”. 1,437 more words


Getting out?

Hey everyone, how are you?

Today, I am going to try and get out of the house. After failing to get out yesterday.


Today, I have the art group at the recovery centre that I go to. 365 more words

Did he who made the lamb make me
Or was it a mistake of unseen force
Crawling along the dirty ground
Hissing, protectively, over a dented crown…

86 more words