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Using Waveshare 7" Capacitive Touchscreen with Banana Pi

I’ve been sitting on a few Banana Pis (a more powerful version of Raspberry Pi Model B) at work for more than a year now. They were meant to be used as a cluster to generate bulk traffic simulation for the purpose of bandwidth testing at work, but the project was canned. 664 more words


Part 7: ‘What do you want for your first meal at home?’

A man with the demeanour (and the tape measure) of an undertaker appeared at my bedside. He was there to measure me for a leg brace thankfully, not a coffin. 1,117 more words

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Part 6: This wasn't nursing. It was carpentry.

I learned the identity of the driver of the car while still in hospital. A 19 year old former pupil of my school. The same age as my brother Mark, so they knew of each other. 948 more words

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Start Them Young: How to open a savings account for kids and infants

For me, being thrifty is quite different from saving money. Yes, growing up, I learned how to be cost-effective. But I only did it so that I can spend the remaining amount on other stuff. 610 more words


Bank Pulsa Indonesia - BPI, Masuk sebagai Finalis dalam ajang Wirausaha Muda Mandiri - WMM 2016

Pada ajang Wirausaha Muda Mandiri- WMM 2016 Bank Pulsa Indonesia – BPI yang diwakili oleh Zuhad Mahdi sebagai salah satu Co-Founder berhasil masuk sebagai finalis dan menjadi Top 7 untuk kategori financial technology (Fintech). 100 more words

Part 5: 'Do you want to see my scars?’

I was part-way through my secondary school exams (O Levels). The culmination of 2 years of study. These exams would determine my future academic and employment prospects. 919 more words

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@marksweney: Music Industry Goes to War with YouTube

The music business is a tough place for most artists to make money. This struggle was thrown into sharp relief last week when the UK industry revealed that artists earned more from vinyl sales in 2016 than they did from…

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