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Journey: Week 33

Info on Durian from Wikipedia:

The durian (/ˈdjʊriən/)[4] is the fruit of several tree species belonging to the genusDurio. The name ‘durian’ is derived from the Malay-Indonesian languages word for duri or “spike”, a reference to the numerous spike protuberances of the fruit, together with the noun-building suffix -an.

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Journey: What's A BPP?

Since I will be having a lot of these in the coming weeks I thought I would make a post about it so everyone will know what it is. 362 more words


Living in Valparaiso (is not easy)

Mr Vice-Consul Arthur L.S. Rowley writes from Valparaiso in Chile in 1901 (BPP, link, p. 4):

“On account of the high exchange Valparaiso has become a most expensive city to live in, especially for people dependent on a sterling salary. 124 more words


Her-Registrasi Semester Genap Tahun Ajaran 2015/2016

Berdasarkan Pengumuman Badan Administrasi dan Akademik Telkom University (BAA Tel-U), Tata Cara Pembayaran BPP Her-Registrasi Telkom Semester Genap Tahun Ajaran 2015/2016 Telkom University hanya dapat dilakukan pada… 75 more words


Traditional Study Materials v Online Materials

When I started my CIMA studies last year I automatically purchased all of the study materials from Kaplan without giving it much thought. I ordered the E1 and F1 books – so the study text, exam questions kit and revision guide – and was generally pleased with them in terms of content. 366 more words