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Tester Video Piece...

Developing the image I took last week of the sink with the straw in it, I wanted to accumulate a number of images depicting these generic, everyday objects and document the state the get into as we go about our day to day. 217 more words

Second Year

Timing Isn't Everything

The past few months of training for Chicago has been a personal journey.    It hasn’t been about gaining bragging rights for finishing one of the world’s biggest marathons, nor has it been about chasing a BQ.   409 more words

Chasing My Dreams

First Ubuntu Phone In India - Review by Morptech

Bonjour gens!! This time I am back with another review …This time its about a phone, Its not an Android, not Ios not even Windows …Its Ubuntu.. 2,426 more words


Loyal Guardian

It was the summer of 1991. I was working on Sundays at B&Q in Altrincham. As jobs go I’ve had worse since. The manager was a decent guy, every now and then there was a bonus in your payslip because someone had noticed you doing something well and I got on well with my colleagues who, being Sunday staff as well, were mostly my age or a year or two older. 1,358 more words


Hey, got a second?

Just a second will do.

The next time someone asks you if “you have a second,” think before you answer.  A second can be a blink of an eye, but it can also be an eternity.  419 more words



Today’s Workout: 1 Hour Yin Yoga (flipped today’s run for tomorrow since we have a freaking monsoon in Maine today!)

I don’t know what to think.   534 more words


Last Chance Review of Last Chance BQ.2 Marathon

Alright, so my jaw just dropped when I realized that this race recap is two weeks late…BUT, better late than never??

The Last Chance BQ.2 Marathon-Chicagoland was September 12. 2,413 more words