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Renaissance Periodization... for a Body-Positive Vegetarian Runner?

I believe that “diet” is a bad word.  I believe that there’s a lot of evil happening at the hands of the diet industry and their co-conspirators (looking at you, women’s mags).   1,434 more words


[Original Doujinshi 18+] I want to seduce you.

Do not read this if you’re under 18!

I was quite looking forward to this release! We’ll definitely want to work on more projects like this! 27 more words




终于BQ了,而且是3:23的好成绩。好轻松。回想起五一罗德岛马拉松的小结。那次破四小时后很激动,信誓旦旦锁定11月20日的费城马拉松赛要跑进330(三小时30分)达到波士顿马拉松赛报名标准(BQ)。吹牛了不努力行吗? 看看自己草草的26周训练笔记,先奖励自己一杯啤酒吧。 15 more words


Black Friday: Where to get the homeware goodies

Here we go, ladies and gents – we’ve started our descent into Black Friday. Are you ready?

I’ve never gone in for the crack-of-dawn trip to the shops, or jostled my way through an angry crowd for a sound bar, but I am partial to a mild online frenzy in the privacy of my own home. 515 more words


Cruelty free Christmas gift ideas 2016

So as I write this, there are 5 weeks until the big day. Each year it feels like it comes around quicker and quicker, probably because I’m not the Christmas shopper that buys all the gifts required for the next Christmas in January sales, nor am I the shopper that begins gift hunting in September. 665 more words

Cruelty Free




回家后不甘心。总觉得这样的一个失败得用更大的成功来弥补才能抚慰我破碎的小心灵。我于是在网上搜索到了一个在业余跑马界内广为流传的美好的词,一个在当时看起来不可能完成的任务:BQ(达标波士顿马拉松赛)。我对自己说,我要BQ。既然是一个诺言自然要有个期限,比如一万年什么的。我于是说,我要在三年内BQ。那是2013年。 70 more words


Such a Pain in the Foot

That’s right — it’s every runner’s worst nightmare. Foot pain. It started shortly after the Big Cottonwood Marathon. Truth be told, it probably starting during the… 674 more words