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Fetlock boots

While cleaning Mr.Grumpy’s legs today I noticed that he was a bit sensitive on his left backleg, it was like the fetlock boot had rubbed his skin to hard.   106 more words


They just keep coming...

Hello everyone, and thanks for all your submissions, here are more recent finds:

Agent Philip and Agent Lindsey, what stars you are! Here are your recent finds in the CH area where you continually surprise me by finding even more trees… photos below show CH168 to CH174, and a lovely photo of Lindsey as well… 498 more words

Monkey Puzzle

The dilemma

Yes, we’ve all seen it haven’t we? Monkey puzzle tree close to house. Ah.

This tree was planted just over 30 years ago by Pauline, in her front garden. 865 more words

Monkey Puzzle

Top 5 Japanese Restaurants In New York City

New York City has some of the finest cuisines from all parts of the world, with delectable Japanese fare being no exception at all. In this video, we look at the Top 5 Japanese Restaurants In New York City. 16 more words

Best Restaurants In NYC

Apa Perbedaan Haze, Mist, dan Fog??

Saya akan mencoba menjelaskan sedikit tentang apa itu Haze, Mist, Kabut, berdasarkan pemahaman saya yang yang bersumber pada buku WMO (World Meteorological Organization) No.8 Guide to Meteorological Instrumens and Methods of Observation pada Subbab Object of Observation 384 more words

Physics Instrumentation

Serangan Kabut (FG) Pagi Hari

Mataram, 20 April 2016

10.18 WITA

Assalamualaikum wr wb

Alhamdulillah setelah sekian lama ga posting akhirnya kali ini saya sempet-sempetin dah buat nulis. Hmm sebenernya banyak sekali yang ingin saya ceritakan, namun karena keterbatasan waktu dan kemalasan saya juga (#jangandicontoh hihi) jadinya saya cerita tentang kabut dulu. 907 more words



  • TOP: B@R – Bloody Witch Scylla Chest Cover
  • ARMS:  – Khor Hands
  • BOTTOM: B@R – Bloody Witch Scylla Bottom
  • BELLY: B@R – Bloody Witch Scylla Tails…
  • 51 more words