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Grilled Mackerel & Sweet Potato Salad

Hey guys! Hope you’re all having a fab start to the week. Today I’m sharing a fantastic healthy recipe with you (yes I said healthy. can you believe that!) 325 more words


American-style Oreo Pancakes

Pancakes are one of the best breakfasts! Am I right or am I right? They’re so quick to make, they’re sweet and they’re fluffy. If you’ve been with Genie in the Kitchen for a while you’ll know I’m slightly obsessed with Oreos. 208 more words


The Wealthiest Celebrity Chefs (2015)

I love reading about individuals that are successful in my chosen field. It’s always interesting to see who has the most £££££ (In this case I should probably add more pound signs)  747 more words


# 29 Plastic Doll

Greetings beautiful people, after a long period of absence on my Blog i am back and full of projects! For this one i got, my inspiration on a futuristic vision… XOXO G. 59 more words

S.E.Xy School Boy

So I caved and went back to S.E.X mainstore. I was trying to stay away for a bit since I bought so much last time but couldn’t help myself, I bought a pair of sweat pants and then I tried to think of an outfit to make and it hit me! 228 more words

Mujer lucha!

¡Hombres no se dan cuenta de donde nacieron!

Un pequeño vestígio de humanidad, un pequeño rastro de razón.

Muy pobres de mente al no respetar a la mujer! 12 more words

Evil Intentions

It took me a while to find an outfit to blog for, I went to check out TFC (The Fantasy Collective) and they literally had one outfit for men.. 210 more words