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Close Encounters of the Professional Kind

Bra burning was very much in the news in the late 1960s. I was a college student at that time, attending a Southern university that had separate campuses for men and women (if such a thing is even imaginable currently). 872 more words


Moving Backwards

On my Timehop the other day, I saw a tweet from two years ago that said, “I don’t agree with feminism. Is that a problem?” I don’t remember what my reasoning was, but looking at that two years later, I was/am appalled. 468 more words


What Does It Mean To Be A Feminist???

Am I a Feminist?  I mean, I’m not burning my bra.  (My boobs are big and out of control.  They need to go to boob jail everyday) 691 more words


Some Thoughts on Feminism

A few weeks ago there was some sort of article/holiday going around — I wouldn’t call it viral, but it was definitely going around… what would you call that? 757 more words


#20: May I introduce Ned?

Yesterday, my mom reminded me of the importance of today. Upon hearing my official diagnosis, Ned and I were officially divorced more than a year ago. 638 more words

My Terrible, Horrible, Incredibly Blessed Morning

Today was one of those mornings that I just couldn’t seem to get myself together in a timely manner. I hit snooze more than my allotted two times.  1,176 more words