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Bras, now Flags

I’m going to first start with a disclaimer, which pisses me off a little anyway,

I, Tanya, am not advocating for flag burning, I’m not calling all the bras into the fire. 751 more words

Dem Broads, Dem Broads

So recent events/politics have brought out the raging feminist in me. Before this I was a little baby feminist. A la petit femme realist if you will. 371 more words

Where are my Armani Bloomers?

The Bra Burning of The 1850’s.

I’m cleaning out my closet… (If you read The Horoscope Wars you’d know that’s what ever good Cancer does!!!) 412 more words

Boobie Confusion.

I got fired the one and only time in my life because I did not wear a bra. I was hired to work in a nursing home and after three nanoseconds, I was called into the office. 306 more words


Free the nipple and your gender politics

In addition to pay gap, catcalling, and general gender discrimination, women-identified folks often have to deal with body policing. From the minute we step out into public, we must be conscious of our body presentation. 983 more words

A Strangely Timed Thanksgiving

So it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge that I’ve been absent since oh…August. Time flies when you’re having fun! I have been absent not only from blogging but also from the vast majority of my friends and most social engagements BUT this time it’s not because I’ve gone barking mad, but actually because I landed two lovely teaching jobs on the same day and started them both, also on the same day…exhausted doesn’t even begin to cover it-we broke up for Christmas Holidays twelve days ago and it’s only in the past two days I’ve stopped falling asleep every time there’s a lull in conversation. 796 more words

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