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Women Against Feminism- Megan Turns the Air Blue

So, for some godforsaken reason, I had a little look at “Women Against Feminism” today…yeeeah…

TW: rape, sexual violence, Steubenville, general appalling idiocy and some pretty strong words from moi. 1,188 more words


Daddy Dearest...

So basically, one of the common themes of this blog is going to be my efforts at gently unravelling the patriarchy like a badly knitted Christmas jumper. 1,863 more words


Birds, Beats or Bastards?

There’s a lot of stuff I really love about my morning run. I love pulling my hair back in a don’t give a fuck ponytail, I love my fugly running shoes, I love starting out with no music so I can get the rhythm of my feet pounding the pavement and find my pace, and that point a third of the way through the first lap where my body stops screaming “ 1,279 more words


Vulgar Feminism- Do we need to be ‘vulgar’ to be equal?

On my daily journey through the internet for my day job as a social media manager, I come across a lot of things that evoke emotion in me. 798 more words

Lazy Upcycled Blog #5 Oh No Bro.

10.4.15 TW: sexual violence
Sooo, I know I’m supposed to be all not blogging and stuff but I was researching the existence of rape culture for a paper and I stumbled across this delightful email, sent by a frat twat to the poor bastards in his charge, which somehow unfortunately for him and anyone else blessed with the gift of literacy, went viral. 1,867 more words


Close Encounters of the Professional Kind

Bra burning was very much in the news in the late 1960s. I was a college student at that time, attending a Southern university that had separate campuses for men and women (if such a thing is even imaginable currently). 872 more words