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BraceFace: S1,E24 "Stormy Weather"

Remember last week when it was Christmas and the week before it was summer? Well, it looks like we’re back on track again. It’s a continuation of the girls being at Camp Kookalah. 2,991 more words


BraceFace: S1, E23 "Angels Among Us"

Well folks it looks like we got another episode that aired out of order. Remember last episode where everyone graduated and Sharon and Maria were at summer camp? 2,151 more words


BraceFace: S1, E22 "Camp Kookalah"

We’re at Episode 22 and we’re four episodes away from the start of season 2! Time really does fly. It seemed like only yesterday I started my BraceFace reviews, when I didn’t know how to screenshot and uploaded my reviews inconsistently. 2,093 more words


BraceFace S1, E21 "Skipped"

Remember Alden’s band with Brock? Well if you enjoyed them, they’re back! Oh, and it looks like they added a new member as well:

They’re at Brock’s house in the garage practicing (because that’s where all bands go to practice) and Brock’s father comes in to pull the plug on them…pun intended: 2,230 more words


BraceFace: S1, E20 "The Easy Way Out"

Looks like Sharon and Maria are back to their sleepovers again. Maria and Sharon are talking, but it’s one of those scenarios where people think they’re talking about the same thing, but they’re not. 2,445 more words


Adventures of an adult brace face

After years of hating my teeth, yesterday was the day that I was finally got my braces fitted. Even though I wanted the clear aligners my orthodontist advised that fixed white ceramic braces would be more suitable for my teeth as they have a long way to move, so I was going to have to embrace the #braceface. 947 more words


BraceFace: S1, E19 "Whose Life is it, Anyway?"

Friday reviews are back on. Why do you ask? After a week at my job, I was let go because I wasn’t a “good fit”. I’m pretty bummed about it considering I liked the job and I was good at it. 2,414 more words