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BraceFace: S1, E15 "The Election"

Election 2016. Trump vs. Clinton. While we’re four months away from finding out which one of them will become president, here’s an episode that’s all about an election. 1,824 more words


BraceFace: S1, E14 "Take That"

Remember in my review of “Driving Miss Sharon” when Sharon gave Maria a recap of all of the times her braces went haywire (and they were all previous episodes) and I pointed out that one of them was an episode that hadn’t aired yet? 1,930 more words


BraceFace: S1, E13 "Miami Vices"

We’ve got another one of my favorite episodes of BraceFace! I’ve been waiting to review this episode for so long and we’re finally here. In case you haven’t noticed, the last three episodes have been in winter season. 2,014 more words


BraceFace: S1, E12 "The Pickford Project"

When I rewatched the series in the past, this was one of the episodes I had difficulty finding online so I’ve only seen this episode at least twice. 2,656 more words


Sharon Spitz' Sweet 15!

This blog is still alive! Joy!

Another anniversary of a favorite cartoon falls on Throwback Thursday today! This time, it’s 15-year-old Braceface, my biggest Nelvana obsession since… 485 more words


Teething problems...

Remember the naughty tooth?  The one that made me need braces?  The one that signalled its arrival into my life about 15 years late?

It’s nearly here. 178 more words

Braceface: S1, E11: "Twenty Four Hours"

Sharon is at Dr. Hertz office for another routine check-up. Dr. Hertz discovers that the adhesive in Sharon’s braces is breaking down and they need to be replaced. 2,544 more words