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A Smile Is The Best Makeup A Girl Can Wear - my brace journey

I have hated my teeth for as long as I can remember. I never show them in photographs and god forbid if anyone got a picture of me with my mouth open, I would be snatching their phone away to delete the picture.  365 more words


I Got Braces : a ten day encounter

Ten days ago I took one giant leap of crazy determination towards a healthier and problem free smile. Adult braces are becoming more and more common, either because as a teen one was not able to get braces or because retainers were not worn correctly and teeth have shifted back to their original position. 1,182 more words

Oh, the agony~

Went for my dental appointment yesterday before work. Although I was a tad late, the dentist made me wait for over an hour for my turn! 400 more words


Brace Yourself: A Guide to Surviving w/ Braces

The Self Improvement Series presents…Brace Yourself: A Guide to Surviving with Braces

The first few weeks were awful. Physically in pain and painfully shy, it was a shock to my system what I had just done to myself. 1,467 more words


This is not a food post.

So, I got braces yesterday. Yes, full on train tracks and everything. But you’re probably wondering why the heck I decided to go through with them. 922 more words


Now it just feels weird

My man was away for the weekend, so this typically means me in my pajamas, with unwashed hair, playing Team fortress 2 all day. For two days. 401 more words

Days Of My Life

Taken by the Tux

Flat-ironed hair, sparkly eye shadow, and skin-tight tank tops – this was fourteen-year-old me.

The junior high years of our lives are pretty hilarious when you look back at them. 388 more words