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I spy with my little eye...

Something beginning with ‘T’…


My happy dance right now looks a lil something like this:

Slightly understated, because I lost a chunk of gum yesterday to my braces… 31 more words

Tug of war... in my mouth

Here’s a wee orthodontic update…

Think of the person on the left as my jaw/gums. Think of the person on the right as the gold chain… 79 more words

Brace Face

Greeting friends,

Braces for many of us are childhood problems. However if you are like me and have you braces later on in life, I know the struggles. 583 more words

BraceFace: S2, E8 "Vanity Fur"

The episode starts off with Maria competing in a snowboarding competition. Surprisingly, Maria is nervous but Sharon reassures her with a hug that she’ll be fine. 1,868 more words


BraceFace: S2, E7 "Skin Deep"

Everyone’s getting ready for the annual Fashion show and of course, Sharon is going to be helping out Dion. Good to see Dion again. I love this guy. 1,978 more words


BraceFace: S2, E6 "The Friend Zone"

Shalden fans, it has been two episodes since the breakup. How y’all holding up? I know your ship has sunk, but fret not because this episode is for you guys. 2,348 more words


BraceFace: S2, E5 "Mommy Nearest"

So not too long after I posted that this review would be delayed because the Internet was down, it came back on! I would have started writing this review yesterday, but I’ve been without Internet access (aside from my phone) for a couple of days so I had a lot of catching up to do. 2,555 more words