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Braceface: S1, E7 "Mixed Messages"

I was intending on posting this review a bit earlier in the day, but this has been a busy week for me. I’ve had a lot of interviews (fingers crossed that I get hired) and the other day I had a horrible migraine, which carried over into yesterday (If you suffer from migraines, you know the struggle). 2,633 more words

BraceFace:S1, E5 "The Makeover"

We start this episode off with Sharon practicing ways to talk to Alden. Not even 5 seconds into this episode and Sharon is already talking about Alden. 2,726 more words

Braceface: S1, E5 "The Meat of the Matter"

Happy Friday the 13th to everyone! I hope you didn’t experience any bad luck, but if you did here’s a review that hopefully will make your day better. 2,417 more words

Braceface: S1, E4 "The Doctor is In"

I have decided to post my reviews on Friday nights since this is what I’ve been doing for these past few reviews. So you don’t have to camp on my blog waiting for a review and speaking of camping outside of places, that is what we’ll be dealing with in this episode. 1,825 more words

My Quest for the perfect smile -Part Three

It has been a few weeks since I had my top braces put in and I thought I would do an update and let you guys know how I am getting on with them. 214 more words

Braceface: Season 1, Episode 3 "5 Things that Really Bug Me about You"

Sharon and Maria are at Maria’s place studying. Sharon notices how messy Maria’s room is and starts complaining. She gets up and starts cleaning up the place. 1,864 more words

*yawn* *ping* "ow!"

Today I entered a new phase in my orthodontic treatment – rubber bands. For the uninitiated, that’s tiny wee rubber bands that hook around the bottom and top teeth, connecting the upper and lower jaw. 251 more words