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Adventures of an adult brace face

After years of hating my teeth, yesterday was the day that I was finally got my braces fitted. Even though I wanted the clear aligners my orthodontist advised that fixed white ceramic braces would be more suitable for my teeth as they have a long way to move, so I was going to have to embrace the #braceface. 661 more words


BraceFace: S1, E19 "Whose Life is it, Anyway?"

Friday reviews are back on. Why do you ask? After a week at my job, I was let go because I wasn’t a “good fit”. I’m pretty bummed about it considering I liked the job and I was good at it. 2,414 more words


BraceFace: S1, E18: "Dissection Connection"

Sorry for the late upload of this review. Like I mentioned last week, I just started a new job. It’s my first full-time job so I have to get adjust to working 40 hours a week and adjust to getting up and going to bed earlier. 2,083 more words


BraceFace: S1, E17 "The Secret"

Good news! After nearly 14 months of applying for jobs, getting a million rejection letters, and going on multiple interviews (some of which were scams), I finally have a job. 2,377 more words


BraceFace: S1, E16 "The Good Life"

We start the episode off with Sharon and Maria looking like they’re getting ready to fight someone.

Has Sharon finally had enough of Nina’s shit? Are Sharon and Maria going to tag team and beat the shit out of Nina? 2,573 more words


BraceFace: S1, E15 "The Election"

Election 2016. Trump vs. Clinton. While we’re four months away from finding out which one of them will become president, here’s an episode that’s all about an election. 1,824 more words


BraceFace: S1, E14 "Take That"

Remember in my review of “Driving Miss Sharon” when Sharon gave Maria a recap of all of the times her braces went haywire (and they were all previous episodes) and I pointed out that one of them was an episode that hadn’t aired yet? 1,930 more words