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WARNING: I can still play the piccolo

You might want to invest in some earplugs if you use the Alison House practice rooms. 🙉

(sidenote: I very recently found the emoji keyboard on my computer) 440 more words


Be gone mouth cage!

Ok, this post might be a little late as it happened one the first week of January, but here it is, I FINALLY GOT MY BRACES OFF! 528 more words

Days Of My Life

The #braceface diet.

As I sit here eating a banana that has been chopped into tiny pieces, with a fork, I thought I should compile a list (because I love lists) of discoveries on my culinary journey this past fortnight…  As with all lists, I may add to this one over the next year, and please feel free to share your own eating-with-braces stories. 342 more words


A discovery!

I just came across this article, written by a flute player who got braces when she was well into her career (making her the 2nd person I’ve come across in a 6-month search, the first being Andrea, my last flute tutor). 227 more words


Assessing the damage!

So, I’ve had a bit of time to get reacquainted with my flute since getting braces on Tuesday, and here’s how I got on…

I can still pitch notes!  420 more words


Week 2

Hey everyone! So, it’s week two here at Brace Prison HQ – I was going to do a post after the first week but between being sick and mega busy I didn’t get around to it!  544 more words

Pre-Braces Pictures

Hey again!

So it’s now 5 days until I get my braces, and I realised that in the rush from work to the ortho I might not get a chance to get some proper pictures! 265 more words