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A Passage To India Via Hull

Age 22, I wrote a letter to my future self. I’d had a moment of transcendent clarity. I committed my thoughts to paper so I could look back and remember that feeling. 860 more words


An Appreciation Of Knees

Knees are important. Yes they spare us the embarrassment of falling over, but ror me, they bring other benefits. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. Imagine this scenario. 450 more words


Part 10: I danced here, wearing a black cape and oversized sombrero

Doctors were concerned about blood in my urine. The collision with the car may have damaged my kidneys. To check I’d need an internal examination, under general anaesthetic. 954 more words


My Erb's Palsy

My shoulder —
Bone on bone and damaged nerves, I’m told
Random sensations that stab and burn
Pain pills don’t do much good
They cause the physical to mix with loopiness, helping me not to care… 6 more words


Part 6: This wasn't nursing. It was carpentry.

I learned the identity of the driver while still in the hospital. A 19-year-old former pupil of my school. The same age as my brother Mark, so they knew of each other. 998 more words


Disability Haiku

I embrace my arm
Awkward and a little small
Erb’s Palsy and all


TMR Tots in NE Florida!

In just 8 short days (Feb 18 & 19), Susan Blum, PT, will be teaching several OTs and PTs some easy and pain-free methods to increase balanced movement for our pediatric patients. 112 more words