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The Paths To Plot (Part 1)

There are several approaches to plotting, all of which accomplish the same thing in different ways. Not all of them work for every story, however, so make sure to treat them as organic growths, rather than defined limits. 1,017 more words


Exercise 1.8 - Bracketing Exposure

Brief:- Put your camera on a tripod or stable surface. Set to manual mode. Make a photo of anything you like at the optimum exposure according to the light meter reading. 652 more words


That one shot...

When we often think of getting the perfect shot at something, or of something, we think of it as something that only comes once. But, I can’t help thinking, … 469 more words


Easily Set Up Your Camera for Exposure Bracketing and HDR Stacking

HDR (high dynamic range) image processing can be very cool for some types of photos. Whether done manually or with a dedicated HDR program, it almost always requires shooting multiple RAW images at various exposures then combining them in software during post-processing. 385 more words


Automatic Exposure Bracketing

Have you ever been shooting in a situation with lots of variation between bright and darker areas, a situation where you either was forced to underexpose some areas to get picture information in the dark areas, or blow other others to catch information in the dark areas. 983 more words


Assignment of the Week: Exposure Bracketing

In our discussion of the camera lens last week, we came across the idea of exposure. This exercise is the give you the opportunity to work with exposure in your photos. 118 more words