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Phenomenology x 3 = Magic (?!?)

Immediately, I find the notion of “three disparate complex philosophies” as a means of limiting phenomenology appealing Eddles-Hirsch, 2015, p.251). This holy trinity of quantified and contained theory is familiar, but I also do not think it is correct–especially in the world of “posts” that we inhabit within research. 453 more words

You are a perfect person with a beautiful smile

Aren’t you bored just to shine always?   As I write this to you, you will never get to read these words out. I just want to say. 28 more words


A New Chapter

This year everythig is new for me. In this new journey, things will not be easy at first but I will get through it. Even at school, nothing was stable. 15 more words


पुराना कोट

कल इन सरसराती हवाओं से बचने को बरसो पुराना एक कोट निकला था आज हाथों की सफ़ेद सुर्ख़ियाँ छुपाने को हाथ कोट की जेब में डाला था लगा ऐसे जैसे किसी अपने ने हाथ थम लिया हो ओर मेरा हाथ पकड़ मुझे पह…

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Make Yourself A Priority

I realised I’ve been stressed out lately and it’s all thanks to not knowing when to press pause.  I’m one of those people who are a genuine cheerleader.  13 more words