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Phenomenological approaches to illness experiences (Part One): the phenomenology of illness

Recently phenomenology has become a useful tool for analyses of illness experiences. In the following papers by Toombs and Carel, the writers draw from their personal encounters with the health care system and try to find possible solutions in phenomenology that can bridge the gulf between patient and physician that they felt so overwhelming in their own illnesses. 2,442 more words


And so it begins…

Set 1:Stairwell

Bracketing. -2

Bracketing -1

Bracketing 0

Bracketing +1

Bracketing +2

Set 2: Sign

Bracketing -2

Bracketing -1


Bracketing +1… 8 more words


Beat the Bracket Racket - Shooting HDR Base Images the Right Way

Photographers have struggled with limited dynamic range for as long as there have been photographers. Expose for the highlights in most scenes, and you will end up with crushed shadows where no details can be extracted from the inky blackness. 1,890 more words

Technique & Tutorials

Lightroom 6/CC2015 – Photo Merge Tidbits (Part 1)

With the advent of Lightroom versions 6 and CC2015, the Photo Merge feature is now available. Photo Merge allows users to create HDR exposure blends as well as Panoramic merges – all within the Lightroom interface. 694 more words


Stillness and Movement: Shutter Speed Test

Exercise 1.10

Summary: Make a series of experiments bracketing only the shutter speed. Think about interesting moving subjects…

Light has been a problem for me here lately, but one thing I do have good access to is duck action! 603 more words


Blog 8 Part 2- Bannack Best Fine Art

Walking around Bannack was a really cool experience (yes, it was freezing too). In a lot of the buildings you could see wall paper peeling or paint that was chipping off, lots of evidence that people once lived there. 139 more words

COMM 300 Blog

Bracketing exposures

Exercise 1.8 was to make five shots in Manual mode. One shot at the correct exposure, two increasingly under-exposed and another two increasingly over-exposed.

To do this I opted to change the shutter speed – I could have opted to change the F-stop instead. 96 more words