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The Machinist (2004)

Christian Bale plays an insomniac haunted by hallucinations and a constant feeling of deja vu. When he discovers a series of cryptic notes left for him by an unknown figure, he begins to fear for his sanity. 140 more words


100 Day Film Challenge - Day 12 | The Machinist (2004)

 The Machinist is centered on the story of a man named Trevor Reznik (Christian Bale), who hasn’t slept for a year. Seriously, A YEAR. He’s skin and bones, and he finds random Post-It notes in his house and sees a man at work that may or may not exist. 81 more words

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Dark Knight III: The Master Race 5

Today, Mark and Ryan are discussing Dark Knight III: The Master Race 5, originally released June 29th, 2016.

Mark: Be careful what you wish for. 1,617 more words

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The VVitch, and VVhy James VVan Should Learn From It

After the last blog post where I revisited The Conjuring to point out its myriad cheap tactics that rendered it more of a theme park attraction than a horror movie, I caught Robert Eggers’ … 1,071 more words

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The Machinist (2004)

Rating: 9/10

Trevor: You know so little about me. What if I turn into a werewolf or something?

Stevie: I’ll buy you a flea collar.

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The Dark Knight III: The Master Race 3 (February 2016)

After Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, The Dark Knight III: The Master Race suddenly seems a lot better. The film wasn’t as bad as everyone histrionically made it out to be – Zach Snyder at least understands how to use these characters to compose compelling imagery, unlike Christopher Nolan. 830 more words


DC Universe Rebirth #1 Review

 DC Rebirth #1

Review by Paul Bowler

Past, present, and legacy begin to realign in DC Universe Rebirth #1, as this major DC Comics event, written by Geoff Johns, and featuring an all-star art team, including Ethan Van Sciver, Ivan Reis, Gary Frank, and Phil Jimenez, kicks off this epic with a mammoth 80 page story that encompasses virtually every conceivable aspect of the DC Comics universe. 919 more words