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Blast from the Past: Happydevil Comics

Hey, guys! Seeing as my next comic is still in the works and things have been slow (not to mention that stuff like A.I. Arena… 931 more words


"Clickers" or "Virtual Clickers"?

For a few years now, Personal Response Systems (PRS) and Student Response Systems (SRS) have been making major inroads into classrooms and lecture halls, particularly in Universities and Colleges.  681 more words


We'll See About That!

Another entry for the Time Machine challenge.  This comic is a tribute to Lode’s comic “Hey Mister”.  Enjoy.


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Happydevil Quickies

Australia's Digital Education Revolution?

NOT LONG after Kevin Rudd’s Labor Party was whisked into power in Australia after 12 years of conservative government, there were immediate and obvious differences that appeared. 1,164 more words


Games With A Purpose

Humans compute very differently to computers. Knowledge, Intelligence and Wisdom are not terms often attributed to computers. The closest descriptors in the computer world are… 602 more words


Still Interested in a Class Blog?

If you’re still listening, I’ll assume you’re still interested in creating a class blog at your school. In part one, we concentrated on WHY… 918 more words


Getting Started with Class Blogs

In the article “Why Teachers and Schools Should be Blogging“, I discussed the reasons and benefits of blogging in the classroom, but for the blogging-novice, there are student… 631 more words