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I really don’t think I could say a bad thing about this film. I truly enjoy it. I’m surprised it didn’t do better than it did, the plot was well done, the acting was great, the cast was fabulous. 411 more words


The Client

The Client is about an 11-year-old boy from a deprived family who witnesses the suicide of a mob lawyer. He in turn becomes a target of the mob as a witness in a court case. 160 more words



Reggie to the Rescue

You gotta hand it to John Grisham: Nobody has the various lawyer clichés down pat as well as him – in fact, it almost seems as if he invented or at least, reinvented many of them. 1,287 more words


July 25: Happy Birthday Matt LeBlanc and Illeana Douglas

Joey may not share food, but Friends actor Matt LeBlanc shares a birthday with several other people who aren’t quite as famous as he is.  LeBlanc won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Joey Tribbiani over 10 seasons of Friends.   230 more words

Celebrity Birthdays

The Jacket (2005)

An Iraq War veteran sent home with serious head trauma is convicted of a murder he does not remember committing. While enduring an experimental “treatment” at the hands of a sadistic doctor, he suddenly finds himself somewhere and somewhen else. 169 more words


Ghost World (2001)

Two friends endure the trials and tribulations of high school graduation.

Based on an indie comic book, Ghost World is one of those self-consciously “cool” character studies that almost bursts a blood vessel in its attempt to be effortlessly quirky. 143 more words


Devil Got My Woman

By Jeff Broitman

Terry Zwigoff’s Ghost World inhabits an America that really doesn’t exist anymore. Made in 2001, it creates a very specific universe that our characters live in, and vividly presents the exhaustion of growing up too smart for your own good. 785 more words