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'Ask him...': Brad Thor wants gun critic Stephen King made aware of 'failed liberal policies'

The murder of a WDBJ reporter and photographer has prompted liberal politicians and celebs to climb back on their gun control soapboxes. Among them, author Stephen King: 143 more words


'Ideology laid bare’: Brad Thor knows where to look to see who (and what) is most important to Obama

The White House has defended Planned Parenthood even up to the point of repeating their talking points and vouching for their medical ethics. Planned Parenthood and the White House are very close, but you knew that: 97 more words


Brad Thor, I blame you for changing my life. (For the better)

First those of you who don’t know me, I must confess I’m a huge Brad Thor fan.

  • Seriously, I blame you for two to three sleepless nights a year, yes your books are that good.
  • 256 more words

Brad Thor's Nashville: First Impressions, Favorites, and Fun Facts

This time last year, prolific thriller author — and #1 New York Times bestseller –Brad Thor joined a growing trend when he up and moved his household from Chicago to Nashville. 443 more words

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'The only major event': Brad Thor notices something abnormal about Obama admin's reaction to SCOTUS ruling

That’s right. The Obama administration claims to learn about major stories, such as the scandal involving the IRS’ targeting of conservatives, from “news reports.” But apparently not this time, huh? 40 more words


Why I bought a "Confederate" flag today.

First I’d say I didn’t  buy a “Confederate Flag” I bought the battle flag of General Robert E. Lee’s Northern Virginia Navy. I bought a 38 inch square flag, not a rectangle.  504 more words