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Road Trip, Part 4

Last week we left Stan and Brad on the road to Ndjoko Punda. Due to the poor road conditions, their driver (nicknamed Forty-five) has only been able to drive at approximately two miles per hour. 372 more words


Thank You Miranda and Brad Larsen For Returning Kaylee


disregard the following – they turned the baby over to maternal grandparents who are keeping the baby from him. 98 more words


Road Trip, Part 3

This week we continue our story of the journey Stan and Brad took when they began this ministry. When we left them last week they were driving through poorly maintained roadways–more like sand traps with deep ruts made by six-wheel transport trucks wider than the Toyota’s wheelbase. 463 more words


Angelina And Brad: Our Kids Don't Need Rules!

Things are falling to pieces inside the Jolie-Pitt household.

Or so a tabloid claims.
Some disgruntled nanny/nannies sold a story to Star Magazine in retaliation for being “cropped out of” paparazzi pictures taken of the family.   8 more words

Road Trip, Part 2

Last week we began the story of a long journey. “Long” is a relative concept in Congo. Even though the distance is not that far, it may take a “long” time to reach your destination. 719 more words


#2 Story : Un așa Crăciun... !! 🎄🗻🎿

P.S : Citiți până la final, pentru a înțelege titlul.

Când îmi deschis ochii, totul în jurul meu este acoperit de o ceață deasă. Sub picioarele mele zăpada rece se topește în neștire. 557 more words

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