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What are Therapeutic Use Exemptions? Here’s what you need to know

TUEs are the new ACLs*. As in they have become a thing in sport, are much easier to turn into an acronym than say in full and leave quite a few people scratching their heads. 299 more words


Wiggins admits doping to negate unfair advantage

In a revealing tell-all interview surrounding Bradley “Bone-Idle” Wiggins’s use of banned steroids prior to his 2012 Turdy France victory, the cycling star sat down with Cycling in the South Bay to… 694 more words


Scandalo Fancy Bear, Wiggins si difende: «Mai barato»

LONDRA – Dopo una settimana di assordante silenzio, Bradley Wiggins ha deciso finalmente di parlare. Finito nella bufera quando è emerso che in tre occasioni, prima di tre grandi eventi, ha fatto uso di sostanza proibite grazie a esenzioni concesse dall’Agenzia mondiale antidoping (Wada), il ciclista britannico inizialmente si era affidato solo a uno scarno e poco convincente comunicato. 585 more words


When "star" athletes are permitted to dope and get a dispensation to cheat

UPDATE: Guardian article (see below).

Following on from my previous post, the BBC had this today. It reduces even further the very little confidence I have in WADA and the way in which the “sporting establishment” have permitted “stars” to cheat. 527 more words


Sir Bradley Wiggins explains why he took a banned drug before his Tour de France win

Sir Bradley Wiggins has defended being allowed to take a banned steroid before winning the Tour de France in 2012, insisting he wasn’t seeking an ‘unfair advantage’. 412 more words


Further TUEs Leaked as Wiggins Forced To Appear on TV to Explain His Actions

As the hackers known as Fancy Bears revealed medical information attributed to Olympic gold medallist Fabian Cancellara and Tour of Britain winner Steve Cummings on Friday afternoon, Bradley Wiggins found himself still embroiled in a heated debate about his own use of TUEs.  1,137 more words


Ancora guai per Wiggins: «Sospette le sue esenzioni»

LONDRA – Ogni giorno porta una nuova pena per Sir Bradley Wiggins. Più cerca di allontanare da sé i sospetti per le esenzioni a scopo terapeutico (tue) di cui ha usufruito nel corso della sua carriera, più “Wiggo” si ritrova nei guai. 589 more words