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Zionist Jews Happily Brag About Being At The Center Of The Muslim Invasion Of Europe


The truth is the Western world is controlled by jewish supremacists like the Rothschild dynasty through media, entertainment, the banking system and puppet politicians who don’t care about anything but money power and status. 61 more words

Daily News

A Dozen Ways To Annoy People

Pretty much all of us are guilty of some of these things, including Dillon Gerde. But Dillon Gerde is here to set the record straight. Dillon Gerde has had enough of his own shit and yours. 2,100 more words

Self Development

Kangen Water Is Changing Lives - Testimonials From Experts

I can’t brag enough about this water and all its benefits. I found a bunch of testimonials that I thought you might find interesting, especially if you are thinking about changing from the water you are consuming now. 27 more words


#Scribbles - The Comeback (Flu Edition)

Well, it was about time. After six plus years of not being significantly  sick it finally caught up to me. I got the flu, it sucked, and its why I’ve been on blog-silence the last week. 180 more words


Belated Happy New Year!

Hope you’re all having a good 2017 so far.

Mine got off to a great start with the first free draw of 2017:

Of all the recently released characters/summons (Lucio, Mahira, Shiva), Yuisis was the one I was most interested in, and this spared me from wanting to spend the next surprise ticket on her. 85 more words

Granblue Fantasy

My Best Friend *Brag Post*

My best friend is perfect. I know what you’re thinking; nobody’s perfect; with one exception of my best friend.

Yeah she has flaws and little tweaks about her that some people hate but she’s the greatest best friend a girl could have. 371 more words