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Ranking Dungeon - Cauchemar Tournament (NA) Final Results!

I’m very excited to rank so well with such a bad team, and I’m hoping that this is good enough to end within the top 30%. 194 more words

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Ranking Dungeon - Cauchemar Tournament (NA) Day 1

My NA account is rather neglected at this point because ranking up is a massive pain (though co-op dungeons should fix this problem shortly)

That said, I recently hit rank 120 recently and apparently have access to the ranking dungeon despite the page saying it’s limited to rank 150 players (???), so… 152 more words

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Gifts for Serving. Part-One.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

One has to say it is natural to get excited when we read about the distribution of the gifts that the Holy Spirit grants to all believers, that we forget that they are not for us but rather to serve others. 64 more words

Ultimate Arena 1 (descend version) Clear!

This would be my second clear, but it feels a lot more meaningful because I actually had decently challenging spawns this time!

My first two tries today ended in abject failure, the first getting crippled by Haku + Yomidra blanking against Grisar eventually leading to my death on Lifive with Haku and Okuni one turn short of activating before Lifive’s damage null. 482 more words

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So proudĀ 

I hope no one will mind if I brag about my biggest buddy today. The last two weeks when I went to pick Jacob up from his Bible Study class, the teacher had a compliment for him. 111 more words