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Do you Understand my Music?

I can play and sing The Beatles better than The Beatles do…  I sound more lIke The Stones than The Stones do!  I ‘m a professional Musician!  232 more words

Songs And Poems

I hate to BRAG, but...

We writers are an insecure bunch, but perhaps that’s not surprising. The average development of a book goes as follows:

1. I’ve had this AMAZING idea! 360 more words

1 Dollar and 100 Dollar Bill

One day, a one dollar bill and a hundred dollar bill got folded together and began talking about their life experiences.

The hundred dollar bill began to brag: 100 more words

Moral Reads

Humblebragging Makes You Less Likable Than Just Outright Bragging

A new study out of Harvard found, you’re better off just outright bragging.

The researchers had some people read outright brags, like, “People mistake me for a model”, and some read humblebrags like, “I’m so bored of people mistaking me for a model.” 89 more words


Just Asking... (Do you know a braggart will weary his listeners?)

Have you ever met someone who is constantly bragging about his possessions or status? This type person will use every opportunity to tell others how great he is or what he has accomplished. 253 more words


Spring Newsletter and Bloom in Birchfield Launch

There’s less than one week to go to our Spring Community Event and the launch of Bloom in Birchfield 2015!

On Saturday 18th April between 1-4pm we’ll be at the Pavilion Building at Livingstone Road Allotments and everyone is welcome to come and join us. 160 more words

Bragging Rights?

This post was transferred over from my Dressing For Your Body Type Blog. It was originally posted on October 18, 2013.

When I haven’t seen someone in a while – and I don’t know much about their life anymore – it makes me feel sorry for them if all they can talk about are things that cost money. 79 more words