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BRAG 2016 Prep

Well, I’ve aborted my Nawlins-Natchez-Nashville tour for the second Spring running and I’m tentatively planning it for Fall of this year. In its place, I decided, a bit last-minute, to join the… 1,354 more words


Brag Shots 5.8.2016

Brag Shots is new daily recount of how some instagram shots have come to be. The planning or lack of planning for shots we or you have deemed worthy of a feature for the world to see. 194 more words


Because Why the Fuck Not?

Gotta conserve those Woodpys for that awesome wood MP card that’s never coming, right?

Puzzle & Dragons

This Obviously Means I'm a Top-10 NA PAD Player

I’d like to thank the dungeon for being so cancerous that it allowed me to reach the top 10 through attrition.

Puzzle & Dragons

Song of the week 11/4/16 - 17/4/16

It’s been a while since I last blogged something and it’s left a cold feeling in my heart seeing my blog getting neglected (also I haven’t blogged this month and my OCD will kick in if I see April 2016 missing posts so…). 309 more words

Jeffrey Botah Blog

Love Does Not Act Unbecomingly

Love Does Not  Act Unbecomingly

We seem  to be living  in a time  when arrogance  is approved of  as being “confident”,  “self-assertive”,  and “necessary”  to being successful.     485 more words