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What about Sin?

People do not like to talk about sin. Satan shames us with remorse over our failings, making us feel like a failure for the wrong choices we made in the past. 442 more words

Union With Christ

50 Hypermaxes

I’ve had the +eggs for 50 for quite a while, but it’s only now that I realized I had committed them to actual monsters (Yomi Dragon #2 was #50). 34 more words

Puzzle & Dragons

Day 43

Okay so first of all, I know I tend to rant a lot but I will justify my means as this is my personal blog. I purposely made this to vent or rant about things I have experienced on hand and what I think of them. 884 more words

Daily Logs

Fire Carnival S Rank

I’m thinking Zaerog∞ instead of the third DKali would be more effective as the skyfalls could pad the combo count and there’s only so much movement time you need. 9 more words

Puzzle & Dragons

The right result for Kingston

St George’s plans for TOPO were unanimously rejected by councillors at Thursday’s Development Control committee meeting. Here is the report from Diane Watling who attended the meeting on behalf of  442 more words


It Didn't Stand a Chance

Ra Dragon is obviously strong enough to pierce a Py’s defense with a little luck, but it still feels good to do it; without elemental advantage, even.

Puzzle & Dragons

Brag not!

This is what the Lord says: Don’t let wise people brag about their wisdom. Don’t let strong people brag about their strength. Don’t let rich people brag about their riches. 43 more words