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Vegan Curry & Oregano Potato Recipe

A recipe to spice up my potato love life. This one takes your taste buds on a trip around the world. I wanted to try something different than my go-to potato recipes (you’ve seen ‘em all). 148 more words

Healthy Living

Soupe du jour

First of all, the title is not misspelled for those of you who might think otherwise…soupe du jour simply means soup of the day…which as this is the soup I am making today…it works! 448 more words


Melvyn Bragg's daughter: 'My father has been a tortured man all my life'

The suicide of Melyvn Bragg’s first wife cast a long shadow that forged an unbreakable bond between father and daughter. Peter Stanford meets Marie-Elsa Bragg… 7 more words

Not Another Apple Cider Vinegar Challenge

Day 1

Last night I bought Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) from my local Food Co-op. ACV comes up often in naturalist health discussions, being used for a weight loss supplement, treating acne, and even curing cancer. 136 more words


Beauty Benefit: Apple Cider Vinegar

If the fountain of youth actually existed, it is likely that it would be part apple cider vinegar.  This ancient (seriously, Hippocrates used it in his medical practices), fermented vinegar is stocked full of health and beauty benefits that are hard to ignore. 310 more words

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My Immune System Secret!

The cold season has come to an end, but that never stops you from coming down with the sniffles. Ever since I have been vegetarian and making an effort to eat healthier I haven’t been sick once. 217 more words


Heartburn cure

I had bad heartburn and talked to my nutritionist. He told me that the problem is that our stomachs produce LESS acid as we get older, not more. 321 more words