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Five days with Apple Cider Vinegar

I have been hearing about this Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) solution for a while now, it has been around since 400 BC and the time of… 870 more words


Car Snack

Feeling great not forcing myself to eat. Eating when I want something 👍

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Had this first thing this morning

Then my vitamins- which I forget to take all the time 😐

And been sipping on this here and there. 19 more words

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I try to take ACV everyday – I usually take it 5 out of 7 days. Finally found these guys – this flavour is ok but I am excited to try the different ones.

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A stocked pantry is your key to success

With the upcoming nutrition challenge about to go down at my gym, I thought I would start sharing some tips on how to prepare so you can succeed. 364 more words

Morning sunshine 

This stuff is the morning sunshine to my body I take a shot with a little drop of water every morning first thing , I find my skin is glowing from using it my mom hair is stronger also it’s helping move my body in the morning that bit better I can feel it somewhere inside me when i do my little run at dawn it’s great , it takes a while to get use to drinking it unless you like drinking vinegar I found after a week or so I was actually craving my daily dose and I am a person who finds it hard to stick to taking any medication or multivitamin of sorts , but this stuff is so pure and natural it is so easy to take it no worries it’s also organic it as well as the mother culture a beneficial bacteria , to start with you might find it hard to drink it you also might find a bit of a fizz in your stomach afterwards but honestly for me they are just tiny things in compared to what it helps your body to deal with , it’s help my skin , my digestion, even burning off body weight, obviously eating well and wisely helps with the weight thing too i had been getting occasional spasims in my stomach not sure what they were but haven’t had any craps since I began this golden delight it’s quite amazing stuff to gain the benefits from it consistency is the key – … 321 more words