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Had this first thing this morning

Then my vitamins- which I forget to take all the time 😐

And been sipping on this here and there. 19 more words

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I try to take ACV everyday – I usually take it 5 out of 7 days. Finally found these guys – this flavour is ok but I am excited to try the different ones.

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A stocked pantry is your key to success

With the upcoming nutrition challenge about to go down at my gym, I thought I would start sharing some tips on how to prepare so you can succeed. 364 more words

Morning sunshine 

This stuff is the morning sunshine to my body I take a shot with a little drop of water every morning first thing , I find my skin is glowing from using it my mom hair is stronger also it’s helping move my body in the morning that bit better I can feel it somewhere inside me when i do my little run at dawn it’s great , it takes a while to get use to drinking it unless you like drinking vinegar I found after a week or so I was actually craving my daily dose and I am a person who finds it hard to stick to taking any medication or multivitamin of sorts , but this stuff is so pure and natural it is so easy to take it no worries it’s also organic it as well as the mother culture a beneficial bacteria , to start with you might find it hard to drink it you also might find a bit of a fizz in your stomach afterwards but honestly for me they are just tiny things in compared to what it helps your body to deal with , it’s help my skin , my digestion, even burning off body weight, obviously eating well and wisely helps with the weight thing too i had been getting occasional spasims in my stomach not sure what they were but haven’t had any craps since I began this golden delight it’s quite amazing stuff to gain the benefits from it consistency is the key – … 321 more words


How to Get Nutritional Yeast in Melbourne (or Anywhere Else)

When going vegan and giving up meat, dairy and eggs, one nutritional concern is vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is derived from bacteria and is naturally found in soil. 272 more words


Day 12: Considering starting over

Note: I did not say considering “quitting”. I said considering “starting over.”

You know how Whole30 and VegWhole30 have slightly different rules, one of them being that in the original you can’t have soy products and in the veg version you can have some? 466 more words

How many?

Trump was caught bragging. Okay – this happens on a daily basis. There were the big, huge, enormous crowds at his inauguration. There was his unfounded claim about winning the popular vote. 309 more words