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The Roots of Yoga

“Those in whose hearts OM reverberates, unceasingly are indeed blessed and deeply loved as one who is the Self. The all-knowing Self was never born, nor will it die. 889 more words


Context of Sri Bhashya

The Supreme Lord, or the Parama Puruṣa, filled with compassion on seeing humanity who have become tired of their births in the Universe and who are afflicted with three kinds of sufferings ( 761 more words

Sri Bhashya

Intro to Vedanta Sutra

Vedanta Sutra is absolutely fascinating, and one day I hope to present the whole text. For now, however, I can at least present the first dozen sutras.

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Birth of Sage Veda Vyasa:

Sage Parasara was a great Jnani and one of the supreme authorities in his time, on astrology and his book Parasara Hora is still a textbook on astrology. 679 more words

Brahma Sutras

Vedantic Wednesday: World’s Greatest Curator

In today’s world if there is one thing that is being given as much importance as creation if not more is curation. Curation is the act of bringing together and preserving objects of importance.  373 more words

Vedanta And Me

Who and What is the "Supreme Entity"?

Now hear this transcendental declaration:

Krishna, the Son of Vasudeva is the all-attractive, all-fortunate one – not you or I! (oḿ namo bhagavate vāsudevāya) 687 more words