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Brahma Sutras (Aphoristic Verses on Reality)

  1. Athatho Brahma Jijnasa

Translation: Hence (is to be undertaken) thereafter a deliberation on Brahman (Reality)

The word atha (thereafter) is used in the sense of “sequence” and not “commencement” – A wish follows spontaneously from the knowledge that something can be acquired by effort and it may or may not lead to a desirable result. 630 more words

Brahma Sutras

Vedanta Source Texts

By James Swartz (Ramji), October 9, 2013

There is no way of knowing how long the teachings of Vedanta—which were based on the insights of ancient rishis and protected by the sampradaya, or teaching lineage—may have been passed on from teacher to student by word of mouth. 2,442 more words

By Eaden Shantay