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Thanks for nothing Brahmagupta

Sometimes I’m amazed by how much I don’t know. For example, I’ve lived half a lifetime (hopefully) and I never knew that zero was sort of a math afterthought. 469 more words


Honor Thy Fathers Correctly

Partly a rant from today’s New York Times

source—note the “\cdots”

Aryabhata is often called the father of Indian mathematics, and can be regarded… 855 more words


The Origin of The Shunyasutras!


Platonic Socratic theory of Form/Idea as taught by Euclid is an analysis of the sphere, and indeed the relationships between spherical forms as they overlap their spherical surfaces, from total inclusion to total exclusion. 1,600 more words

Modern, is it?

Aren’t you glad you live in the enlightened 21st century? You have telephones, internet, Facebook, Twitter, and best of all, enlightened knowledge! We know now that the world is composed of matter. 1,173 more words

Zero Zeroes

Imagine a time without zero.  Hard to do, huh?  Actually, zero was not recognized as a number until 628 AD with Brahmagupta.  He wrote out rules for using zero, which have been edited since then.  28 more words

Indian mathematics: Vedic line based multiplying system!

Within indian tradition, and most specifically the vedics, there was a multiplying system based in lines that would allow them to perform complex mathematical calculations, sometimes confused with a japanese method for complex calculation. 220 more words