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Invention of Zero (shunya) – A forgotten piece of history

“The roots of education are bitter but, the fruits are sweeter!”

In the early 20th century, when there was a great interest in the Sanskrit texts especially in the western world, many scholars ridiculed certain texts which were headed ‘Ganita Sutras’- which means mathematics. 859 more words


The Bright Minds of India

India is a huge country. Yes, it is seventh largest and second most populated country in the world! Also, we have a bank of rich history associated with us. 631 more words

Interesting Facts

Bilangan Kafir Dari Negeri Konflik

Oleh: Hadi Susanto
10 Mei 2016
(Sumber: www.voa-islam.com)

Menelurusi asal mula terciptanya angka nol

Pilihlah jawaban yang tepat. Siapakah pencipta angka 0?

  1. Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi…
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