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Air-launched variant of Russian-Indian BrahMos missile to undergo flight tests next March


ZHUKOVSKY /Moscow region/, August 27 /TASS/. The test trials of an air-launched variant of the BrahMos cruise missile are due to begin in March 2016, Sudhir Kumar Mishra, director-general of the BrahMos Aerospace Company, told TASS at the MAKS-2015 Air Show. 242 more words

First Aircraft Launch of Russian-Indian BrahMos Missile to Occur in 2016


The first plane launch of supersonic cruise missile BrahMos, developed by Russia and India, will be carried out in the beginning of 2016 from a modernized Sukhoi Su-30MKI fighter.

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Russian-Indian Hypersonic Cruise Missile Could Revolutionize Arms Industry


The new missile may become a revolutionary new weapon, the head of Russian-Indian BrahMos Aerospace enterprise said.

A prototype BrahMos-II hypersonic cruise missile, currently under joint development by Russia and India, may be created in six to seven years, head of Russian-Indian BrahMos Aerospace enterprise Sudhir Mishra said Tuesday.”Research work on this project is underway in India at the Indian Institute of Science and in Russia at the Moscow Aviation Institute. 37 more words

Dragon vs elephant (Part-1): Indian Navy's massive modernization drive


The Indian Ocean is fast turning into one of the busiest oceans in the world. Most of the world’s oil supply passes through this region which makes secure sea lines very vital. 2,962 more words


A Complete Guide To The Admiral Grigorovich-Class Frigate

The Russian Navy is determined to resurrect its ailing Black Sea Fleet. Even before the annexation of Crimea and the war in Eastern Ukraine, plans were already afoot to turn a decrepit maritime arm into a genuine fighting force above and below the waves. 702 more words


Brazil, Venezuela evince interest in BrahMos missile

Source: http://defencenews.in/defence-news-internal.aspx?get=new&id=jSem8JMVDoA=

The supersonic cruise missile system BrahMos, which is a joint venture between India and Russia, has caught the attention of countries like Argentina, Venezuela, Chile and Brazil in Latin America and also of South Africa, which is part of the BRICS grouping, because it has been developed at a low cost of $300 million. 404 more words

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Why the BrahMos armed Sukhoi is bad news for India’s enemies

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India has signalled its intent to strike enemy targets with devastating force early on in a conflict.

In September 2010 India’s newly constituted tri-services Strategic Forces Command (SFC) submitted a proposal to the Defence Ministry for setting up two dedicated squadrons of aircraft comprising 40 Su-30MKI air dominance fighters. 933 more words

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