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A Complete Guide To The Admiral Grigorovich-Class Frigate

The Russian Navy is determined to resurrect its ailing Black Sea Fleet. Even before the annexation of Crimea and the war in Eastern Ukraine, plans were already afoot to turn a decrepit maritime arm into a genuine fighting force above and below the waves. 702 more words


Brazil, Venezuela evince interest in BrahMos missile

Source: http://defencenews.in/defence-news-internal.aspx?get=new&id=jSem8JMVDoA=

The supersonic cruise missile system BrahMos, which is a joint venture between India and Russia, has caught the attention of countries like Argentina, Venezuela, Chile and Brazil in Latin America and also of South Africa, which is part of the BRICS grouping, because it has been developed at a low cost of $300 million. 404 more words

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Why the BrahMos armed Sukhoi is bad news for India’s enemies

Source: http://defencenews.in/defence-news-internal.aspx?get=new&id=WX0NM54MfOM=

India has signalled its intent to strike enemy targets with devastating force early on in a conflict.

In September 2010 India’s newly constituted tri-services Strategic Forces Command (SFC) submitted a proposal to the Defence Ministry for setting up two dedicated squadrons of aircraft comprising 40 Su-30MKI air dominance fighters. 933 more words

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Why the BrahMos armed Sukhoi is bad news for India’s enemies

April 20, 2015 Rakesh Krishnan Simha

By successfully modifying the Su-30MKI to carry the supersonic BrahMos missile, India has signalled its intent to strike with devastating force early on in a conflict. 991 more words


Top 10 Most Powerful Weapons of The Indian Military


India is one of the most rapidly growing militaries in the world. They have evolved from a regional force with tactical capabilities to a growing strategic force with global reach. 2,641 more words


Russia’s Su-30 fighters upgraded to carry supersonic cruise missiles


March 19,  LANGKAWI
India has started flight tests of the first Su-30MKI multirole fighter modified by Russian and Indian specialists to carry BrahMos-A supersonic cruise missiles… 246 more words

Indian Air Force to Use Russian-Indian Missile by 2016

The short-range supersonic BrahMos cruise missile was jointly developed by Russia and India and has been in use by the Indian Navy since 2005.


LANGKAWI (Sputnik) — The Indian Air Force plans to start mounting BrahMos cruise missiles on its aircraft in 2016, BrahMos Aerospace CEO Sudhir Mishra told RIA Novosti Wednesday.The short-range supersonic missile was jointly developed by Russia and India and has been in use by the Indian Navy since 2005. 116 more words